Winter Hair Care Tips for Healthy Looking Hair

Dry, dull, and brittle hair isn’t just common in summer. Most people experience this during the winter. The cold winter weather, combined with dry indoor air, can wreak havoc on your hair. This will leave you with dry, brittle stands. Without proper care, this may lead to breakage and split ends.

To keep your hair strong and healthy, you need to give your hair proper care and attention. Use these winter hair care tips to keep your locks healthy and beautiful.

pexels-photo-310419Cut down on heat-heavy styling routine

The winter weather is harsh enough for your hair. Regular use of heat styling tools will leave your hair looking dry and dehydrated. Try to cut down your heat-heavy styling routine and air dry your hair instead. Sure, it may take a bit longer to dry your hair completely, but it will prevent your hair from heat damage.

For days when you need to use a hot tool, make sure that you apply a heat protectant first. This will protect your hair from heat damage. Also, invest in a diffuser. This will protect your hair from direct heat and prevent frizz.

Commit to weekly treatments

Blasts of dry air can leave your hair extremely dry. To combat dryness, you need to replenish the lost moisture, which tends to get depleted in winter. In addition to regular conditioners, it is best to do weekly deep conditioning treatments to keep your hair hydrated.

Always read the label when shopping for deep conditioners. Look for products that contain water and aloe vera juice as their prominent ingredient. Argan oil, coconut oil, Behentrimonium Chloride, Pathenol, and Tocopherol are also great ingredients to check on the list.

Turn the hot water down

Nothing is more relaxing than a hot shower on a freezing day. However, washing your hair with hot water can be extremely drying on your hair and scalp. Turn down the heat a little bit. Not only will it prevent your and scalp from being dry and flaky, it will also help reduce your heating cost.


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