Ultimate Guide to Caring for Fine Hair

If you have fine, thin hair, you know the struggle is real. More often than not, you deal with limp, flat hair. While most people would resort to using a flat iron to keep their hair frizz-free and manageable, women with fine hair would end up looking like the girl who crawls out of the well in The Ring. Worse, fine hair is more prone to breakage, so it needs to be treated with care.

Here are some tips for caring for fine hair.

Go for volumizing shampoo

No one wants to have limp, droopy hair halfway through the day. Adding natural-looking volume to your hair starts in the shower. Volumizing shampoo is ideal for individuals with fine hair because it has a lightweight formula that won’t weigh your hair down. Plus, it coats each shaft of thin hair, making it look thicker.

Go light on conditioner

Just because your hair tends to go flat, that doesn’t mean that you should skip the conditioner entirely. Conditioners are designed to keep your hair hydrated and moisturized. Skipping conditioner will leave your hair dry.

To keep your hair from falling flat, we recommend that you apply the conditioner from mid-lengths to end. Avoid conditioning your scalp as it will weigh your hair down and make your roots look greasy.

Get the right cut

Getting the right haircut is the key to adding volume to your hair. This is especially beneficial for those with thin, fine hair. For maximum volume and movement, we recommend lightly layering the hair. Long, one-length hair will make your hair look flatter and thinner. Mid-length or short cuts and layers will make your hair bouncier and voluminous.

Avoid towel drying

Most people tend to reach for the towel after getting out of the shower to get rid of excess moisture. But if you have thin, fine hair, we advise that you skip the vigorous rub-a-dub. Use a microfiber towel and gently blot your hair with it. This is a gentler solution. Plus, it will help diminish frizz and make blowouts easier.


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