Tips for a Tantrum-Free Haircut for Your Toddler

A lot of children experience a complete meltdown upon mentioning cutting their hair or when they see a pair of scissors. They would shriek hysterically at the sight of haircutting scissors and would shrink in fear when held still for a snip.

If your child is sensitive to having their hair cut, then this blog post is for you. Here, we listed down some tips for a tantrum-free haircut for your toddler. Hopefully, these tips will help ease your child’s fear and stay still during the haircut.

baby-boy-hat-covered-101537Create a distraction

You need to create a distraction in order to get the child’s attention to the cutting process. This helps alleviate fear and will help your child hold still for a haircut.

Some salons that cater to children plays cartoons or let the kids borrow some toys. Or better yet, you can bring your child’s favorite toy with you and let him/her hold the toy while getting a haircut. Some kids get distracted that they hardly notice that they’re getting a haircut.

Explain what will happen

For most kids, getting a haircut can be scary. A few days prior to the appointment, try to explain to your child what’s going to happen. It may help to describe the process in a fun and exciting way. Make it really interesting by telling your child that it will be fun and that the person who will be cutting their hair has a special comb and scissors.

Avoid using the word cut

Most kids associate the word cut with pain. They are afraid that cutting their hair would be painful. So instead of telling your kid that they are getting a haircut, tell them that they are going to the salon for a trim.

Let your child sleep before the appointment

Most kids throw a fit when they are tired or sleepy. Make sure that the child is rested before his/her appointment. It is best to book an appointment in the morning, when they are full and well rested.

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