Tips to Make Your Hair Color Last

A splash of hair color is a great trick to change the way you look. Most women go for
a big color change to welcome the new year. The most common concern though
among people with colored hair is how to make their color last. Coloring may be a
bit costly, and we know that. In order to get the most out of your money, read on
and follow these tips to help make your brilliant color last.

Shampoo and conditioner
Everybody wants a clean hair. Who doesn’t? However, most dying products
recommend that you shouldn’t shampoo your hair for a few days before coloring. By
skipping the shampoo for a few days, your hair’s natural oil starts to come out. This
actually helps the color to stick to your hair.
If this does not sound appealing to you, feel free to have your hair deep
conditioned. This will add tons of moisture to your hair, which is exactly what your
dying products need.

Water temperature
Water temperature is important, especially for treated hair. Hot water is not
recommended on any type of hair. Also, it could be particularly damaging to colored
Use cold water when shampooing your hair. This will leave your hair looking and
feeling good.

Be realistic
We understand that you’re aiming for a new look. However, going for the opposite
of your natural color would mean that you’ll have to re-dye your hair once the roots
start to grow. To be safe, we suggest that you choose a suitable color. Go for a color
that is in the ballpark of your hair’s natural color. This gives you a more natural look
and would not oblige you to re-dye your hair within a month or so.

Consider the weather
Most people go for a color change before they go on a vacation. However, please be
advised that the sun could fade and dry out your hair. So, try to stay out of the sun
as much as possible. If you are going to the beach, we recommend skipping the hair
coloring part.

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