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Why You Need to Add Deep Conditioner to Your Weekly Routine

We have all seen those TV commercials that feature models shaking their shiny, luxurious hair. A few minutes after the commercial ended, you just sat there, thinking if it’s possible to have that kind of hair. Yes, it’s possible. In … Continue reading

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Things You Should Know Before Straightening Your Hair

It seems that we’re never satisfied. We always want what we don’t have. Women with curly hair want sleek straight hair, and those who are born with stick-straight hair want waves. Chemical hair straightening has made it possible to those … Continue reading

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Questions You Should Be Asking Your Stylist

Your stylist has experience. That means your stylist will know what hair cut can slim your face, and enhance your features. Make sure you are comfortable asking questions with your stylist. Questions everyone should ask their stylist: What are your … Continue reading

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