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Winter Hair Problems and How to Fix Them

The winter weather can be brutal on your hair. Frigid temperatures and gustling winds, combined with sun exposure can all come together and create some pretty bad hair days. Think dry frizz, split ends, static electricity and hat hair. Yikes! … Continue reading

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4 Ways to Combat Dry Scalp During the Winter

So many people deal with itchy scalp around this time of the year. Chilly temps, dry air and whipping winds can chap your skin, including your scalp. Indoor heating can sap moisture from your pores and strands, which results to … Continue reading

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Natural Ways to Get Rid of Split Ends

There‚Äôs no hair enemy as unyielding as split ends. They keep coming back no matter how well you condition your locks or how expensive your hair products are. To get rid of split ends permanently, women have no choice but … Continue reading

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