The Sock Bun

Have you tried the sock bun yet? This look is everywhere these days! We can only assume that is because its a classy, glamorous look that is easy to do at home. One of the best things about the sock bun is that shows of your whole face, and allows you to look more put together than any ponytail ever would.

The look is so popular that now you can buy a foam doughnut in most beauty stories. If you haven’t purchased one, take your sock and cut off the toe. Then roll the bun from the ankle end to the toe end. This should create a doughnut shape. For best results, use a sock that is similar to your hair color.

Pull your hair back into a high ponytail, on top of your head. The sock bun looks best right at the high center of your head (similar to a top knot). Now hold the end of your pony straight up in the air, and slip the soak or foam doughnut over it. The next step is to roll the bun. This part is a little bit trickier, but once you try it a few times you will get the bun you love! Hold the very tip of your ponytail and spread the ends so that they are displayed evenly all over the sock. Next, slowly roll the sock down your ponytail as you go. Make sure that your hair is fully covering the sock, and make adjustments as necessary.

If your hair has some pieces that are shorter than others, bobby pins are your best friend with this chic bun. Add a few to make sure those shorter pieces are secure. Use a hair spray to keep everything secure and in place! This look’s popularity comes from how put together the up-do is (remember, the look is not meant to be messy chic!).

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