Smart Tips to Make Thin Hair Look Seriously Thick

Thick Hair TipsGetting thin is the ultimate female ambition. Women want to be thin. They will cut back on calories, avoid sweets and exercise vigorously just to achieve a slim body. However, they would never want to associate the word thin with their hair.

Got thin locks? Here are some smart tips to make thin hair look seriously thick.

Avoid frequent washing

We know you have heard this about a thousand times already, but it bears repeating. Don’t wash your hair every day. Frequent washing may dry out your hair, which makes it more prone to breakage. With fine, thin hair, you can’t afford to lose any more strands.

Use dry shampoo in between washes. This does not only help get rid of excess oil, it also adds volume to your hair.

Add layers

Next time you get a haircut, give layers a try. Layered haircut will help make your hair bouncier and more voluminous.

Keep it short

Long, one-length hair will make fine hair look flat. Your hair looks thinner once it hits the top of your shoulder. The longer your hair gets, the heavier it becomes. If you have fine, thin locks, keep your hair above shoulder length. It will look thicker if it’s shorter.

The right haircut can go a long way towards creating a fuller-looking hair. Ask your stylist for guidance in finding the right haircut.

Switch your part

If you’ve always parted your hair to the right, try shifting it to the center or to the left. This keeps your hair from sticking to the scalp; thus, creating the illusion of thicker locks.

Try a wavy or curly hairstyle

A curly or wavy hairstyle is recommended for women with thin hair. This will create the illusion of thickness and the desirable body to your fine tresses.


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