Simple Things You Can Do to Reduce Hair Fall

There’s nothing more attractive than a thick head of hair that glimmers with natural health. Unfortunately, hair loss is a common problem faced by many.

Sadly, a lot of people only think of preventing hair loss after they have lost a lot of it. Losing 50 to 100 strands a day is considered normal, but if you are losing more than that, then it’s time to take better care of your hair and do something to keep the hair you’ve got.

While there are several products that claim to reduce hair fall, it is always best to start from within. Yes, internal problems can also trigger hair loss. Follow these easy tips and see how effective they are in preventing hair loss.

Follow a healthy lifestyle

Like your skin and nails, your hair says a lot about your health. If you hair is falling, then it can be an indication of possible health problems.

For the hair to grow, it needs protein and essential vitamins. A balanced diet will surely give you healthier hair. Consume protein-rich foods. Eat fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water.

Keep stress at bay

Stress can also trigger hair loss. Stress weakens our immune system; thus, causing hair fall. Fortunately, this problem is only temporary and can be controlled.

So, if you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, go ahead and take a break. Taking deep breaths and water helps. Meditation, yoga and massage are also great for stress relief.

Scalp massage

Regular scalp massage, even just for a few minutes a day, can help reduce hair fall. Massage promotes good circulation to the scalp.

It is also a good idea to use essential oils when massaging your scalp. Coconut oil is great in controlling hair fall. Jojoba oil is also a great choice as it helps control dandruff and replaces the sebum in the scalp.

Clean your combs regularly

If you look closely, you will notice that your comb or brush accumulates dirt over time. Using dirty combs can also lead to hair fall.

Dirty hair is more likely to get infected and more likely to fall. So make it a point to clean them with soap, water and brush every week.

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