Is it Safe to Have Beauty Treatments While Breastfeeding?

mother-2605133__340Are you feeling like you’ve been in a mommy rut since the baby was born? You’re not alone. Most moms do to. Because of this many of them want to feel beautiful after giving birth. Their hair is usually the first thing they want to fix. We can’t blame them. Often, their hair looks dull and dry due to the breastfeeding hormones. You deserve to look and feel beautiful.

Breastfeeding mothers often wonder if it is safe to have hair treatments while breastfeeding.  Many of them are hesitant to book an appointment with their stylists because they are worried that the chemicals used in those treatments would have a negative effect on their milk.

Being a new mom, you want to know what’s safe. This way, you can create the safest environment possible for your child. We are all aware about the risks of having hair treatments while pregnant. However, there is limited information about having hair treatments while breastfeeding. In fact, there are no known negative effects for the baby among breastfeeding moms who received hair treatments.

Even though the skin absorbs some of the substances applied to it, the chemicals used in hair dyes aren’t highly toxic. Plus, only a small amount of chemicals will enter the blood stream. Whatever they put on your hair will not reach your baby. That means it’s probably okay to color or straighten your hair while breastfeeding.

If you’re still concerned that hair treatments like hair dye could harm your baby, consider highlighting your hair to reduce chemical exposure. We also recommend that you use organic products for your hair treatment. Use henna or other plant-based products. Also, choose a color that is low-maintenance. You’ll become busier as the child grows older and may not have a lot of time to spare at the salon.

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