Rose Quartz is the Next Must-Have Hair Color This Spring

Last year, the unicorn hair color trend has taken the fashion world by storm. Even celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Alicia Keys, Mel B, and Lady Gaga were seen rocking prismatic and pastel hair hues. If you’re still obsessed with the unicorn hair trend, we have good news for you. It looks like the trend isn’t anywhere. In fact, we are expecting to see more and more women rocking the rose quartz hair color this spring.

The trend started out when fashion designer, Alexander Wang, brought on a model donning rose quartz hair color for his spring 2018 runway show. Model, Stella Lucia, have gone through an extreme hair makeover just for the said event. In fact, she went from blonde to rose quartz. Lucia’s pinkish-purple ‘do stood out and has left a major impression in a sea of models sporting their natural hair color.

Colorist Josh Wood was the man behind this amazing transformation. According to him, the process took about 8 hours. To achieve the fully expressed hue, Wood began with a gray base and then layered on a slew of saccharine semi-permanent dyes. This resulted in a multi-tonal crystallized effect. Well, we can definitely say that is was worth it since Stella stole the show at the New York Fashion Week. The focus was all on her. After all, her hair color is designed to standout.

This wasn’t the first time that Wang attempted to pull off an extreme hair makeover for his models. In fact, he had models’ hair bleached and given drastic bowl cuts in the past.

The look was inspired by the iconic fuchsia dye job Kate Moss sported in the ‘90s. But instead of achieving the exact same color, Wood tried to make it feel more modern. Although we’ve seen a lot of pastel colored hues in the past, the rose quartz is something we haven’t seen before.  Lucia’s rose quartz hair color has more depth than the Pantone, less punk than Gwen Stefani’s pink, more dimensional than Glossier pink, and lighter than the cover of Sweetbitter.

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