How to Repair Dry, Damaged Hair

dryhairStyling and coloring your hair is intended to make your hair look pretty. Unfortunately, these things can seriously damage your hair. Instead of having silky and bouncy hair, most women end up with dull, dry and frizzy strands.

Bringing your hair back to good health can take some time. But with proper hair care techniques and the right treatments, it’s easy to repair your hair.

Follow these pro tips to stop damage in its tracks and bring your hair back to life.

Get a trim

One of the best ways to tackle damaged strands is to reach for the scissors. Or better yet, stop by the salon and have your stylist cut your hair.

A good trim can revive damaged hair. But if you are brave enough to chop your hair off, then that can help get rid of the damaged strands in one go. If not, then get regular trims. Get a trim every 6 to 8 weeks to minimize to get rid of split ends and get on the road to healthier hair.

Replace lost moisture

Your hair is breaking because it’s dry and brittle. Since your hair has no ability to repair itself, then you need to take steps to restore healthy locks.

The key is to replace lost moisture to undo the damage. After washing your hair, reach for a high quality moisturizing product to help hydrate your hair. Dry hair can also benefit from a weekly hair mask treatment.

Avoid heat styling

When it comes to hair health, less heat is more. Too much heat can dry out your hair, making it susceptible to damage. Set your blow dryer aside and put your flat iron down. Let your hair dry naturally whenever possible.

If you really can’t do away with these heat styling tools, remember to always protect your hair with a primer to protect your strands against heat. In addition, set your tools to the lowest possible heat setting.

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