Reasons Why You Should Cut Your Hair

There are a number of things you should consider when deciding to get a new haircut, especially if it will alter your appearance. The longer your hair is the bigger wow effect it may bring.

 After spending time growing your hair out and finally making it to long hair haven, you may be thinking of getting a shorter haircut but still don’t have the courage to push through with a step this extreme or is not yet ready to shock your loved ones or friends.

If you are ready to cut your hair short but are still in need of a little more motivation, here are some of the many reasons why you should cut your hair.


Confidence is one of the main reasons why you should cut your hair short. Long hair may look nice but it’s easy to use it as a blanket to hide. Without that long flowing hair, you have no choice but to be bold. Plus, your confidence shall come from a deeper internal place.

Get rid of damage


Long hair makes you look beautiful but damaged and tatty hair does not. Cutting your hair once in a while will not only improve the health and look of your hair, it will also give you a chance to style your hair differently and find a hairstyle that suits you better.

Saves time

Having shorter hair, you can jump into the shower and get out twice as fast. Plus, drying time will be cut in half. Sporting a short hairstyle, you never have to go through long brushing sessions and combing out tangles.

Stand out from the crowd

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When you cut your hair short, people may start to notice you. Also, since your face is going to be on display, they’ll start to notice things about your face that they haven’t noticed before. You may feel vulnerable during the first week, but you’ll get used to it.

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