How to Properly Use Your Hair Conditioner

Conditioner-Shampoo-385x300As easy as the task may seem, a lot of people are still conditioning their hair incorrectly. Using the right techniques can make a world of difference in your hair’s health, shine and bounce.

In this article, we’ll teach you how to use your hair conditioner the right way. Follow the tips below to get the full benefits of your hair conditioner.

Choose the right conditioner for your hair type

To get the most benefit from a hair conditioner, you need to get the right one for your hair type and use it properly.

Using the right conditioner is the best way to keep your hair healthy and looking great. If you have color-treated hair, choose a conditioner that is specially designed for colored hair. For chemically damaged hair, select a deep conditioning treatment. For thin or fine hair, use a light conditioner.

Don’t bother with the scalp

Hair conditioners are made for the hair, not the scalp. So don’t waste your time, effort and money applying conditioner to your scalp. After rinsing your shampoo away, apply conditioner to the ends of your hair first. Then move on to the rest of your hair. The ends require regular moisturizing since they are older than the hair at your roots.

How often should you condition your hair?

Studies show that you don’t need to condition your hair everyday to keep your hair properly conditioned. In fact, we can damage our hair by using it on a daily basis. A good rule of thumb is to condition every time you shampoo your hair. If your hair is bleached or chemically relaxed, you might need to apply conditioner more often.

Rinse out with cool water

Cold water is healthier for your hair. Turn the water temperature down as cold as you can handle. Wash your hair and scalp completely.

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