Mistakes You’re Making When Straightening Your Curls

straighten-hairNot everyone is lucky to have perfectly straight hair. Some would use a flat iron to straighten their strands. While flat iron can help reduce frizz and create different looks, you may end up damaging your hair if you don’t use it properly.

Here are 5 flat iron mistakes you’re probably making when straightening your curls.

Not using a heat protectant

Never straighten your hair without any protection. Skipping the hair protectant may cause your hair to weaken and break off. Heat protectants create a barrier around your hair, thereby reducing damage caused by heat styling tools.

Straightening wet or damp hair

Never run a flat iron through your hair while it’s wet or damp. If you do, you may hear your hair sizzle or see steam rising from it. Stop immediately once you notice this. You’ll be scorching and damaging it if you continue. Make sure your hair is completely dry before attempting to straighten it.

Not cleaning it

How many of you clean your flat iron on a regular basis? I’m guessing not many. With the number of products you apply on your hair, there’s a good chance that these products will build up on the flat iron over time. You can buy commercially-prepared cleaners or use warm water with alcohol to clean it.

Not detangling

You need to have a comb close by when using the flat iron. Use a comb to keep your hair detangled as you straighten your hair. This makes it easier to straighten your strands and reduce the number of times you need to go over each section of your hair.

Dragging the flat iron downwards

If you’re dragging the flat iron downwards when straightening your hair, then you’re doing it wrong. If you do this, you’ll end up with limp, lifeless locks. For a boost of volume, pull your hair up, away from your head.

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