What Kind of Bride Are You? Let Your Hairstyle Speak Volumes!

What Kind of Bride Are You? Let Your Hairstyle Speak Volumes!

Your wedding doesn’t have to be a theme from a Hollywood set in order to inspire your bridal hairstyle. It’s always a good idea for your wedding day look to be inspired by the type of event you’re having. Whether it’s a beach wedding, or a romantic vineyard, your hairstyle is an opportunity to express your style and set the mood for the evening. Fortunately, we have so many gorgeous bridal hairstyles for you to choose from, that you’re guaranteed to be inspired, and look flawless for the big day!

The Romantic Bride

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Sand between your toes and a glowing sunset to frame the scene, you’re the kind of bride that wants your guests to experience a relaxed and blissful evening that focuses on your love for one another. You want to feel like your most beautiful self, with soft natural hair, glowing makeup, and a dress that fits like your second skin.

The Glamorous Bride

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You’ve had your venue reserved for a year and a half because of the breathtaking chandelier in the entrance and its swank style. As a bride, you want to make a statement with a jaw dropping look that will be remembered. You’re all about big sexy hair, Kim Kardashian smokey eyes, and a dress with more bling than your diamond.

The Classic Bride

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 11.33.55 AM

You’re having the church wedding you always imagined followed by a reception at a lush golf course with water fountains and canopies. As a bride, you want your look to be sweet and timeless. You want a classic updo and flawless makeup to match your elegant gown.

The Natural Bride

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You’re thrilled for the wedding, but hate the idea of getting all dressed up. The only time you’ve worn makeup or fussed with your hair was at the insistence of your college roommate. You want to be a bride, but does that mean loads of makeup, teased hair, and a poofy dress from JJs House? For you, beauty is about feeling comfortable in your own skin and being yourself.

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