How to Get Healthy Hair for Women: 9 Tips To Keep Your Locks Beautiful

Women’s hair is very precious and is one of the most important accessories for them. Hair styles can add to your look, and makes you more attractive to men. Although keeping it healthy, smooth and silky makes it more complicated especially as you grow older. You may be thinking on how to get healthy hair for women? Actually, hair doesn’t need all the necessary treatments to keep them healthy as long as it is properly handled and cared for.

Here are some tips on how to get healthy hair for women:

1. Brush your hair before you shampoo because it helps dry hair lessen scalp flakes or dandruff and it stimulates the blood flow to the hair follicles.

2. After shampooing, apply conditioner to strengthen the strands. Deep conditioning and heating can also be done once every two weeks to help the cuticle absorb the ingredients.

3. When you wash your locks, you should be aware of the kind of water you are using. Tap water can make your hair look dull and dry because it has minerals that can contribute to possibilities of damage and makes it difficult to style. Although some tap water are treated well and can be safe for the hair.

4. Use specific brushes for wet and dry hair. If you have dry locks, use natural bore bristles of brush, and for damp hair, use soft and wide-paneled rubber toothed brush.

5. When hair is not properly cared for and handled properly, it causes the ends to dry up and may result to split ends. Get it trimmed every month for at least an inch.

6. If you plan to dye your hair, spray a bit of water on the ends of the strands before applying color on it because it easily absorbs more pigment and dry hair absorbs faster. Use also color protective products to avoid damaging the strands of your hair. Hair products should have nourishing ingredients to keep your hair healthy.

7. Blow dryers can damage the hair, although there are specialized blow dryers like the ionic dryer. Positive and negative ions can help dry the water on the hair faster and prevents from damaging it. Also use blow dryers with nozzles on them, without it, it can make the dryer very hot and makes the hair frizzy and can damage it.

8. Straightening products can cause your hair to dry up because it lessens the natural oil on the hair and scalp, so apply conditioner regularly or apply hot oil on it to keep it smooth and silky.

9. Choose the right accessories to put on the hair. It is better to make soft braids on the hair and use clamps than barrettes or elastics that may pull the hair and damage it.

Most women still insist to apply different chemical treatments on the hair and scalp that makes it look good, but are unaware that it can damage the hair more and makes it dry and frizzy. People in the salons knows how to get healthy hair for women, however they tend to lie to earn a higher income. As a result, women pay more to get their hair fixed than for the treatments they have applied on it.

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