Hot Hairstyles for Men with Thick Hair

According to studies, roughly 50% of men suffer from hair loss. Many of them are looking for ways to achieve a fuller, thicker look. So if you have thick hair, consider yourself lucky.

A thick head of hair can be a blessing. However, most men are having a hard time styling and managing their hair. If you are one of them, then this blog post is for you. Here, we’ll give you some hairstyles suggestions that will work well with thick hair. When done right, you’ll have a flattering hairstyle that looks stylish.

Here are some hot hairstyles for men with thick hair.


The side-part

The side part works best with thicker hair. To achieve this look, top and sides are cut to achieve a short, neat style. To get a defined parting, you need to use products such as clay or wax. Because of its classic look, this hairstyle is ideal for business or office setting, as well as in formal events.

The side-part hairstyle is a versatile hairstyle that was first introduced in the 1920s. After a century, the side-part remains to be a popular hairstyle. You can still see it in thousands and thousands of heads today. In fact, it is considered as one of the easiest, most stylish hairstyle a man can rock.


The pompadour is a classic hairstyle that features short hair on the back and sides with long hair on top. The word pompadour often conjures images of men’s hairstyle with lots of height and shine. This hairstyle was popularized by Elvis Presley. Today, however, it no longer resembles the retro greaser style. Modern men have reinvented the classic pomp with fades, side parts, textures, and even more variations. They have the option to wear the retro styles, modern versions or anything in between.

Textured cut

If you want a carefree hairstyle, opt for a messy, textured haircut. This hairstyle is getting more and more popular nowadays, and for good reasons. It provides a great way to remove bulk from thick hair. Plus, it adds a modern twist to classic hairstyles.

To achieve this look, you should have a bit of length at the top and front to work with. Ask your stylist or barber to use a combination of razor and point cutting work. You also have the option to go shorter at the back and sides to contrast with the thickness.

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