Best Hairstyles for Fine, Thin Hair

thinhairFine, straight hair is marked by strands that have a lack of body. But it is not a disadvantage, especially if you know how to style it correctly. If properly styled and cut, thin hair can be stylish, feminine and appealing.

Check out the list below for some fabulous hairstyles that are perfect for women with fine, thin hair.


If your hair is on the thinner side, don’t be afraid to try a pixie. The super short cut brings the attention to your facial features, putting them front and center. If you’re brave enough, then go ahead and show off that killer bone structure. This hairstyle is also low maintenance. So, if you want a polished look that doesn’t require much upkeep, this is the hairstyle for you.


Layers are the key to making your mane look thicker. The more you layer, the more you’ll be able to pull off an illusion of thickness. Select key areas in which to add layers like the center back of the head or the side above the ear line.

Short bob

If you have fine, thin hair, it is best to keep your hair short – preferably above the shoulders. Without the length weighing it down, your hair appears to have more volume.

Short bob or bob is one of the best hairstyles that is beneficial for hair that lacks body. It is also low maintenance, making it an ideal hairstyle for athletes and women who lead an active lifestyle.

Deep side part

Part your hair to one side to give the illusion of an added volume. Then, smooth out your hair using a flat iron for a glossy, polished look.

Wavy hair

Waves or curls are a surefire way to add body to thin hair. Not only does it save you from the disappointing look of limp locks, it also gives off an elegant vibe.

Fine hair is the most stubborn hair to hold style. Use a lightweight setting spray to hold curls all day long.

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