Getting the Haircut You Want

Getting a bad haircut may be one of the most horrifying beauty experiences that you may have. Getting the haircut you want may not be as simple as ripping out a photo from a magazine and saying, “This is the hairstyle I want!” To get the hairstyle you want, you’ll have to learn to communicate with your hairdresser.

To avoid having any OMG salon moments and make the most out of your crowning glory, here are a few tips to ensure that your next salon visit will give you the most perfect haircut ever.

Make sure that the hairdresser touches your hair before grabbing the scissors


While shampooing may be one of the most relaxing stages of the haircut process, you shouldn’t rush right into it. Before anything else, talk to the stylist for a few minutes and allow him/her to assess your hair and see how you currently style your hair before he/she starts cutting it.

Be specific

Use your adjectives. This is important if you wish to have the right haircut. Mind you, you hairdresser have no idea on what you want. So, it is best to be specific as specific as possible and describe exactly the style you want.

Don’t say it, show it

When talking about hair length, never use the word short. Instead, show the stylist where you want it to be cut. Mind you, your version of short may not be the same as your hairstylist. Hairstylists aim to give you the hairstyle you want. So, don’t hesitate tell them what you want.

Be realistic

Ripping out a photo from a magazine and showing it to your hairdresser during your appointment may be of great help. However, expecting to get exactly the same hairstyle may not be realistic.

Talk to your hairstylist. He/she may give you a few suggestions on similar styles that will work for you and would complement the shape of your face.


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