Essential Hair Care Tips for Spring

SpringHairWinter is fading and the weather is getting a little warmer. But after braving the freezing temps and staying in an overheated office for a few months, it is likely that your strands are now dry, brittle and lackluster.

Now that the sun is starting to come out and everything is growing in fresh and new, it’s also the perfect time to nurse your hair back to optimum health.

Put some spring in your strands with these essential hair care tips.

Switch up hair products

Because of the dry winter weather, a lot of people use a moisturizing shampoo and condition during this time of the year. But with the temperature rising, we recommend that you switch your shampoo and conditioner. This is especially important if you live somewhere with dramatic temperature changes.

The warmer weather warrants less heavy products. If you used a heavy conditioner in winter, switch to a lighter or balancing conditioner. If you deep condition once a week, do it every other week in spring and summer.

Treat your scalp with TLC

Your hair says a lot about you. It can provide insight into your overall health and well-being. As such, it is important to take good care of your scalp and strands.

Taking good care of your scalp is essential to having gorgeous and healthy hair. You can actually benefit from a good scalp massage. Next time you lather up, massage your scalp using the pads of your fingers. Not only will it bestow a sense of calm and peacefulness, it can also increase the blood flow to your scalp; thereby, stimulating hair growth.

Get a haircut

Since you’ve already switched out your wardrobe, don’t you think it’s the perfect time to reinvent your looks? The right haircut will have a huge effect on your appearance. It can make you look younger, thinner and better. Welcome spring with a new ‘do.

If you’re not ready to make the chop, opt for a trim instead. It’s no secret that the winter weather can lead to breakage and split ends. Cutting an inch off of your strands is enough to get rid of split ends. This will leave your hair looking fresh and healthy.

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