Edgy Ways to Style a Pixie Cut

Pixie Cuts. Considering how bold and daring they are, you’ll definitely need a lot of courage to ask your stylist to chop off your hair and watch as your precious locks hit the floor. If you’ve always had long hair, the idea of getting a pixie cut might seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

Pixie cuts are fun and trendy, especially when styled well. Plus, they’re quite versatile and super chic so you can style it in different ways.

Here are 4 edgy ways to style a pixie cut.

Smooth and chic

Keep your hair straight and rock a sleek, sexy look. This look will bring out your eyes, accent your jaw, highlight your cheekbones and accentuate your best features. This look is great for formal events or even for your daily wear.

To create a smooth and chic look, you’ll need to a super deep part so that your bangs cascade down the front of your face. Blow dry your hair or use a flat iron to shape locks to one side then finish with a mist of shine hairspray.

Totally tousled

One of my favorites in styling a pixie cut is to simply leave it tousled. You can just roll out of bed and go, and your hair will still look fantastic. Ruffling your short locks with your fingers can create a cute bed head look that is both playful and casual.

Faux hawk

Faux hawks are awesome because it gives you a punk rock vibe. It takes a bit of a product, but not as much as you think. Here, you’ll need a thickening product to bump up flat roots before creating 2 parts on either side of the head. This will make you look like a total knockout.


Embrace your naturally curly or wavy hair with a sassy pixie. This pixie style shows that even girls with curly hair can rock a short hair style.

Apply a frizz-controlling product and let it dry. To speed up the drying process, you can use a diffuser and dry on medium heat.

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