Easy Ways to Fix a Bad Hair Day

bad_hair_day__by_olivertamBad hair day is a girl’s worst nightmare. It can ruin the start to even the most beautiful mornings. It is particularly frustrating for women since it often happens on days they consider to be very important like job interviews, first dates, first day of school or worse, your birthday.

So, whether you have an upcoming presentation, party to go to, or you just need to get out and face the world, here are some tips that you can use to turn around any bad hair day.

Oily hair

If you hair is oily, simply spray a dry shampoo onto your roots and brush it through. This will soak up the oil on your scalp and coat your hair at the roots. For a more sophisticated look, put your hair up into a polished French twist after applying dry shampoo.

If you find yourself battling daily with oily hair, add a drop of tea tree oil to your usual shampoo and was your hair with it.

Unruly hair

For curly haired girls, waking up to a bad hair day is not entirely uncommon. But don’t let bad hair day ruin your day as this can easily be solved in just 30 minutes.

Start of by determining which part of your hair still looks good and which part needs to be fixed. To get your curls the way you want them to, comb your hair to remove tangles then dampen your hair by running your wet hands through it several times. Now, add leave in conditioner or curl enhancing serum and let it dry.

Once your hair completely dries out, a bit of silicone-based serum is all you need to prevent frizz and give it some shine.

Try a ponytail

Tying your hair is one of the quickest and easiest ways to fix any bad hair day. The next time you find yourself facing a bad hair day, just work some mousse into your hair and opt for a sleek ponytail.


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