Things to Consider Before Cutting Your Bangs

Bangs are great for framing your face. It also does a great job in hiding wrinkles and lines on your forehead. But before you decide whether or not to push through with the face-framing plunge, we suggest you to give it some thought as they are not for everyone.

Cutting your bangs will be one of the most unnerving style commitments you can make. Before you make the cut, please take time to read this article and think about the following things.

Face shape


Your face shape is one of the most important things that you should consider. Your face shape may not be similar to that of the person on the magazine cover, but if you are really serious about cutting your bangs, you might want to ask your stylist. They’ll be able to give you a few pointers on the right bangs that would suit your face shape.

Extra styling time

Most people can’t just leave their bangs alone. A lot of them even complain that their bangs look horrible unless they style them. So, before you decide to cut your bangs, make sure that you are willing to get up early and commit to the extra styling time every single day.

Regular trims


Our hair usually grows about half an inch each month. Just a fraction of an inch may completely throw off the look of your bangs and may alter the proportions of your face. In order to maintain your look and to keep your bangs perfectly polished, you’ll have to get your bangs trimmed every 2 weeks.

Styling tools


Cutting your bangs means that you need to have some styling tools available in order to keep them polished. However, most hair experts discourage the use of straightening iron to straighten your bangs. Rather, a blow dryer and a brush would be your best bet. To protect your hair from breakage and damage, you might want to invest on some heat styling cream.

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