Cool and Stylish Hairstyles for Your Little Girl









When I was a kid, my mom would let me sit in front of the mirror and fix my hair before I go to school. She always made sure that I walked out the door with a cute hairdo.

Just because you don’t have a degree in cosmetology, it doesn’t mean that you have to send your daughter to school with messy bedhead hair. In this blog post, I made a list of some of the most adorable hairstyles that you can try on your daughter. Most of them are so simple you can even do them on regular school days.

Ballerina bun

She doesn’t have to be a dancer to rock this classic look. This updo is excellent for school days or for the summer months.

Long, thick hair is enviable for women of any age. But if you’re in a hurry and their long, luxurious locks seem to be out of control, a ballerina bun might be the best solution.

Fishtail braid

Fishtail braid is actually a lot easier than it looks. With a little patience and concentration, you can create a great hairstyle that will look good all day and will keep her hair out of her face.

Pretty headband

This hairstyle is also known as a crown braid. This is perfect for little girls who are trying to grow out their bangs. It keeps the front tresses from falling on their face and allows them to enjoy a loose hairstyle.

Twisty bob

Bob haircuts are perfect for little girls with smooth, straight hair. Twist back a portion of her hair and clip it to the back of her hair. It’s that easy.

Classic pigtails

You can never go wrong with pigtails. It is the classic hairstyle for little girls. Plus, you can create so many cute looks by adding braids, switching parts and changing the texture.

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