What to Do When Your Child Hates Getting a Haircut

When the word haircut comes to mind, many of us envision a trip to the salon and then walking out feeling beautiful and confident. For a child, however, a trip to the salon or barber shop isn’t the most thrilling experience. In fact, many of them hate getting a haircut.










Toddlerhood is the most difficult age for a haircut. They get hysterical and won’t sit still on the chair. Some would even throw tantrums.

Here’s what to do when your child hates getting a trim. Follow the tips below for a tantrum-free haircut.

Explain what will happen

Most kids feel anxious because they don’t understand what will happen during a haircut. Before setting an appointment, make sure that you talk to your child and explain to him/her what a hairstylist do. If possible, try to do a role play with your child. Let them sit on a chair and pretend that you’re cutting their hair. This way, the child will feel more at ease once you visit the salon.

Find a distraction

Most salons for children have portable a DVD player that is used to keep kids distracted while getting a haircut. If they don’t have a DVD player, you can let the child use an iPad or a smartphone. Let the child play or watch a movie so they can focus their attention on the screen while a professional cuts his/her hair. Or better yet, bring their favorite toy.

Let the child sleep

Most kids throw a tantrum because they are tired or sleepy. To avoid this from happening, we suggest that you let your little one sleep before you appointment. Or better yet, book an appointment early in the morning, so as to ensure that the kid is in a good mood. Late afternoon is also a good time. Let them take a sleep after lunch and take them for a salon in the afternoon.

Bring extra clothes

A cape is usually used during haircut to prevent hair from getting into the cusotmer’s clothes. However, kids hate wearing them. If your child refuses to wear one, make sure that you bring extra clothes.

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