Avoid the White Powdery Mess: Tips for Applying Dry Shampoo Properly

Dry ShampooFor most women in Broomfield Colorado, dry shampoo is a godsend. It allows you to keep your hair looking and smelling fresh even if you haven’t washed it for days. It can also make sweaty, greasy and flat hair look presentable in a flash. It is a convenient option if you have naturally oily hair, have somewhere to be after the gym or if you’re rushed in the morning.

Dry shampoo is a serious life changer. However, this miracle product is only miraculous if you use it right. Otherwise, you’ll see a white streak in your hair. Read on for some helpful tips and tricks for applying dry shampoo the right way.

Use it on dry hair

The main purpose of dry shampoo is to get rid of excess oil in your hair. However, it can also be used on freshly washed hair. Keep in mind, though, that this product is supposed to be used on dry hair only. Never use dry shampoo on wet hair. If you do, it will get clumpy and look a mess. Make sure your hair is completely dry before applying dry shampoo. It’s called dry shampoo for a reason.

Don’t overdo it

Contrary to popular belief, dry shampoo isn’t supposed to be spritzed all over your hair. Too much of it can cause product build-up, which creates an ashy, powdery layer on top of your strands. Keep the application light, no matter where you spray, to avoid those unsightly white patches.

Let it work

Most women panic when they see that their hair comes out white after applying dry shampoo. Yes, it may look weird, but you need to let it sit for about 5 to 10 minutes before massaging it into your scalp. This allows the product to really soak up the grease. Comb out the excess out of your hair later on. You can drink coffee or do your make-up while waiting.

Make sure your hands are clean. Otherwise, the natural oils in your fingertips may transfer to your hair, which may leave your strands dirty and greasy.

Keep a distance

Spray dry shampoo at least 6 inches away from your roots so it settles evenly on your head without creating build-up.


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