Why You Need to Add Deep Conditioner to Your Weekly Routine

We have all seen those TV commercials that feature models shaking their shiny, luxurious hair. A few minutes after the commercial ended, you just sat there, thinking if it’s possible to have that kind of hair. Yes, it’s possible. In fact, you can achieve that healthy, gorgeous hair with the help of a deep conditioner.

Deep conditioning treatments feature several benefits. Here are 4 reasons why you need to add deep conditioner to your weekly routine.

Add shine and luster

If you’re often hard on your hair with coloring or styling, you probably have dry and dull and hair. Dull, dry and unmanageable hair is one of the most frustrating things a woman can deal with. Weekly deep conditioning treatments can make your hair look and feel better.  It can help gain back the natural shine in your hair and make it easier to style and manage.

Promotes elasticity

Dry and brittle hair can snap and break easily. Deep conditioners help improve the elasticity of your hair, so it is less likely to break.

Most of these products are made with keratin, the protein that protects epithelial cells from stress or damage. They are designed to improve hair appearance, equalize porosity, improve elasticity, and strengthen the hair. By incorporating it to your weekly routine, you’ll be rewarded with hair that is smoother, silkier and stronger too.

Imparts moisture

With all the manipulation you do to your hair, there’s a good chance your hair has lost its shine and luster. You need to put moisture back into your strands to achieve a healthy, gorgeous looking hair. Deep conditioners can do just that. They can penetrate deep into your stands to impart moisture to your hair.

Due to the prolonged amount of time that you leave the product in your hair, it nourishes your hair longer than a typical conditioner. Plus, it provides dry and damaged hair with much needed moisture.

Prevents damage

You can benefit from a weekly deep conditioning treatment even if your hair isn’t damaged. It serves as a preventive measure for your hair, so that there is less damage even if you put your hair through so much washing and styling. It contributes to less split ends and breakage and will help you maintain healthy hair.

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