4 Ways to Turn a Bad Hair Day Into a Good One

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all walk out of our house every day looking like we just stepped out of the salon? Unfortunately, we can’t all have our own glam squads following us around. In reality, many of us experience a bad hair day. What’s frustrating is that our hair becomes greasy or unmanageable at the wrong moment.









Don’t let a bad hair day ruin your day. There’s hope for even the limpest, frizziest or even just plain bad hair day.

Here are 4 ways to turn a bad hair day into a good one.

Dry shampoo

When you’re in a rush and you don’t have time to wash your hair, try dry shampoo. Spray dry shampoo onto your roots to soak up excess oil. Shake your head, flip it back up and then style your hair as usual. Your hair should look fresh and less oily. Carry dry shampoo with you wherever you go so it would be easy to transform your hair from greasy to glossy.

Switch your part

If you normally part your hair on the center, simply switch to one side. With this super simple maneuver, you may find that your hair has more volume or a better shape to work with.

Try an updo

Twist your hair up into a loose messy bun for a more luxurious look. This will give you classy, finished look even on your worst hair days.

Salt spray

Keep a salt spray in your bag to keep your wavy hair from falling flat midday. Apply some salt spray all over your hair. Scrunch your hair up and hold it for a few seconds. Much better.

Get a good haircut

This may not offer an instant solution for a bad hair day, but a good haircut can go a long way in helping you avoid it. It’s your haircut that determines how easy your hair will be to style. So try to get the very best haircut you can afford.

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