4 Ways to Rock a Pony Tail

dkWhether you have long or short, straight or curly hair, there is one hairstyle that works for busy women – pony tail. A lot of women would just put their hair up without giving it much thought, but pony tails do not necessarily have to be plain or boring. If you think of pony tail merely as a typical workout hairstyle, then you’re in for a big surprise.

There are actually a lot of ways to wear a pony tail. Some of them are even so unbelievably glam; you might want to wear it to a party. Read on as we give your 5 new ways to rock a pony tail.

Hidden hair tie

If you want a sleek and modern runway look in minutes, then this is the perfect hairstyle for you. After you pull your hair into the desired position, grab a small section of hair underneath the pony tail. Wrap it around the pony tail for a couple of times and secure with a bobby pin.

Messy pony

This hairstyle is easy to do and looks great, even on days that are rushed. You can wear it with a white button-down, jeans and heels. It also looks amazing to wear with your little black dress over the holidays. Just pull your hair back with your fingers and secure it with a hair tie. Pin pieces in place or pull out pieces as you need to.

High sleek pony tail

Want a hairstyle that can go from day to night? Then you need a slicked-back pony tail. All you have to do is to brush your hair to the very top of your head and tie it with a hair tie. Smooth out your hair and you’re ready to party.

Curly side pony tail

If you hair is long and lush, you want them to be front and center. To create this hairstyle, curl the bottom part of your hair with the use of a curling iron. Then, bring your hair together with a hair tie, and leave some loose strands on the opposite side of your face.




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