4 Ways to Restore Shine and Smoothness to Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is something many of us struggle with. Instead of smooth and defined, our hair appears dry and frizzy. This is especially true during the summer months, when humidity levels are higher.

If your hair decides to go Diana Ross on you on most days, you need to keep on reading. Here, we’ll share you some tips on how to restore shine and smoothness to frizzy hair. Use these tips to keep frizzy hair at bay.

salon-qualityGo alcohol-free

Most drugstore products contain alcohol. Alcohol swells the cuticles and makes your hair coarser, which add to frizz. Avoid products with alcohol and switch to salon-quality products instead. Also, avoid products with sulfates as it can dry out your hair.

Apply oil to wet hair

Put moisture back into your mane by applying moisture-locking oil to your tresses while it is still wet. This will keep your hair hydrated and help block out humidity. Once your hair is 90% dry, brush your hair with a mixed bristle brush to distribute oil onto the rest of your hair.

You may also use a flat iron once your hair is completely dry. This will seal the cuticles for a smooth finish and keep straight hair from getting frizzy.

Condition your hair regularly

Frizz is often caused by a lack of moisture in your hair. To keep your hair hydrated and moisturized, make sure that you condition your hair regularly. Some people decide to skip the conditioner because they are worried about weighing their hair down. If so, then keep the conditioner away from your roots. Rather, apply it from mid-shaft down to your ends. If you skip the conditioner, your cuticles will open up to let moisture in; thus, leaving your hair looking like you put a finger on a socket.

Avoid hot tools

Blow drying will help make your hair more manageable. However, constant exposure to heat will leave your hair dry and damaged. Drying your hair naturally in the air will prevent heat damage. When done right, it can also help fight frizzy hair. If you really need to blow dry your hair, we suggest that you use the coolest setting in your blow dryer.


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