4 Ways to Keep Hair from Getting too Greasy

Greasy HairOily hair is not much fun. Even if your hair is clean, it looks gross, feels gross and can sometimes smell gross. It can affect your self-esteem and may even cause acne.

If you’re reading this blog post, chances are you’re fed up with greasy hair problems. Luckily, there are things you can do to keep your hair from getting too oily.

Follow the tips below and you’ll notice that your hair won’t be as greasy as it used to.

Wash less often

Forgoing a wash may seem crazy, especially if you have oily hair. But regular washing strips your hair and scalp off its natural oils. In this case, your scalp compensates for the lack of oil, sending production into overdrive. As a result, your hair becomes oilier. We recommend washing your hair 2 to 3 times a week to slow down the oil production.

Use dry shampoo

If you have really oily locks, dry shampoo is your best friend. Use it in between washes to get rid of excess oil and sweat. This will help keep your hair looking and smelling fresh. Plus, it will be easier for you to style your hair.

Only condition the ends

If you have oily hair, you might be tempted to skip conditioner altogether. Don’t. With all the hair products, heat styling and chemical treatments you subject your hair to, you need to moisturize your hair to keep it shiny and healthy. As such, we recommend that you condition your hair every time you wash it. But since you have oily hair, just concentrate on the ends. After all, it’s the driest portion of your hair. Plus, it’s where it is needed the most.

Keep your hands off your hair

Avoid touching your hair as much as possible. The more you touch it, the more oil your scalp will produce. Soon, you’ll end up with greasy hair.

If you have bangs, you might want to pin it. Get it off your face. This way, you won’t have to push them around all day. The less contact your hands have with your hair, the less oily it will be.


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