4 Tips for Dealing with Sensitive Scalp

Sensitive scalp is an annoying problem. But this can easily be solvable if you know how to deal with it. Unsuitable hair care products, improperly applied hair color treatments, and the climate are just some of the culprits. Stress and tension may also disturb your scalp’s equilibrium.

If your sensitive scalp is giving you a hard time, these tips can help you deal with it.

Rinse your hair thoroughly

Alcohol-based hair products may cause your scalp to be sensitive and itchy. If you are using these products on a regular basis, make sure to rinse them off thoroughly. If not, these chemicals can build up, causing your scalp to react the way it does.

In order to get rid of these chemicals completely, you might want to rub your hair with a mixture of lemon and water before your final rinse.

Use mild shampoos

A great way of addressing sensitive scalp is to stop washing your hair every day, but we understand that this is a no-can-do for most women. Instead, choose a mild shampoo that you can use on a daily basis. You see, washing your hair everyday would strip off those essentials oils, leaving your scalp sore, flaky and itchy. As much as possible, try to go for a lighter and less soapy shampoo.


Sensitive, dry and flaky scalp needs moisture in order to rebuild that natural barrier that houses all those essential oils inside. Of course, you are free to use your regular conditioner. But once you notice that your scalp gets even more sensitive and flakier, it’s time to give those natural oils a shot.

Almond, jojoba and argan oil are the best natural plant-oil moisturizers that would help restore your hair and scalp’s natural balance.

Ditch the hairdryer

This may be tough for most women but you have to understand that excessive heat can be damaging to your sensitive scalp. Notice how terrible and lifeless your hair looks after being exposed to the sun for a long period of time. The hairdryer does the same to your hair. As much as possible, allow your hair to dry naturally and come up with a hairstyle that would not require a hairdryer.

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