4 Time-Saving Hair Tips for Hardworking Moms

Working full-time while raising kids is not an easy task. Often, moms function with little to no sleep. They don’t have time to relax, let alone fix their hair. You may have a crazy schedule, but that’s not an excuse not to look your best.

pexels-photo-235554Here are 4 time-saving hair tips for hardworking moms out there. Use these tips and you’ll look super stylish in a jiffy.

Use dry shampoo

On days when you no longer have time to wash your hair, dry shampoo can be very helpful. It will soak excess oil, dirt, and sweat; hence, leaving you with hair that looks and smells just-washed.  Gently massage the product at the roots to volumize limp strands.

Dry shampoo started out as a shower substitute for non-ambulatory patients. But given the benefits they provide, more and more women consider it as a secret weapon for an instant refresh. Use dry shampoo and get ready for some seriously awesome hair days.


Adding accessories to your hair can snazz up your hairstyle without looking like you’re trying too hard. No, we’re not talking about those glittery headbands or brunettes you’ve been wearing as a kid.

As a mature woman, you may want to stick with classic accessories that aren’t too bold or glittery in appearance. If you want to wear a headband, opt for the thinner ones. For simpler hairstyles like the messy bun or the classic ponytails, bold-colored hair ties are great to amp up the fun to your look.

Rock a ponytail

Ponytails are the go-to hairstyle of busy women. Not having enough time to style their hair, most women find themselves pulling their hair up into a ponytail.

Ponytails don’t always have to boring. Take an extra 5 minutes to take your hairstyle to the next level. You can add braids on the sides before securing your hair with a hair tie. Side ponytail is also a great option to change up your looks. Pulling your hair to the side can totally up the fun of this classic updo.

Deep condition once weekly

Conditioning your hair means staying in the shower for longer. Because of this, some women choose to skip this step altogether. Don’t. Regular washing, styling, weather changes, and other elements can dry out your hair. Conditioners are designed to put moisture back into your strands.

If regular conditioning is too much for you, we encourage you to add deep conditioning into your hair care routine. Apply a deep conditioner to your strands and leave it for about 15 to 30 minutes. Do this once a week for strong, healthy, and gorgeous hair.

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