4 Styling Tips for Women with Fine, Thin Hair

If you have fine, thin hair, you know the struggle of styling your hair. No matter what you do, you hair always tends to fall flat by lunch time. The good news is that, there are some things you can do to add volume and texture to your locks.

Here are 4 styling tips for women with fine, thin hair.

Less is more

When it comes to hair care products, less is more. The more products you use, the greasier your hair will be. Plus, these products will weigh your hair down. With fine, thin hair, the last thing you want is for your hair to fall flat.

Steer clear from products made with oil and wax. If you’re using these types of products, consider switching to something that is more lightweight. Look for styling products that are specially designed for fine hair since they won’t weigh your hair down.

Medium lengths are best for thin hair

The right haircut can make a world of a difference when it comes to fine, thin hair. I have found that chin to shoulder-length hair works best for those with thin hair.

Bob or long bob would be a great option. These are versatile haircuts that would look great on any face shape. Plus, they are classic hairstyles that won’t go out of trend. For more fullness, it is best to add some layers to your locks.

Don’t be afraid to condition your hair

Most women with fine, thin hair choose to skip the conditioning process for fear that it would weigh their hair down. No matter your hair texture or thickness, you should condition your hair on a regular basis. Not only will it provide moisture to your strands, it also makes it smoother and softer.

To keep your hair from falling flat, avoid applying conditioner all over your hair. Rather, focus on the length and the ends. This way, you’ll still get all the benefits of regular conditioner, without the struggling with limp, flat hair.

Use wide-toothed comb

Weather you have curly, wavy or straight hair, we recommend using wide toothed comb. It helps detangle your hair without causing a lot of hair fall.

Avoid using fine-toothed combs with sharp bristles as they can contribute to breakage and hair fall. Your hair can get thinner as a result.

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