4 Easy Tricks to Prevent Your Hair from Tangling

4 Easy Tricks to Prevent Your Hair from Tangling

Most people tend to associated having long hair with beauty and femininity. It allows you to experiment with different hairstyles and adds oomph to your persona. Plus, most men are attracted to women with long hair. But sometimes, maintaining long hair can be a chore. Not only does it require time and effort to style, you also have to deal with constant knots and tangles.

Here are 4 easy ways to prevent your hair from tangling.

Choose the right products

There is a wide variety of hair care products in the market. Each product serves different purpose. Some will make your hair softer while others will help get rid of frizz. If you are someone who constantly deals with knots and tangles, it is best to avoid products that contain alcohol.

Products with alcohol tend to dry out your hair, making it more prone to tangles. When shopping for hair care products opt for items that are natural, sulfate and alcohol-free. Or better yet, choose products that are specifically designed for tangled hair.

Detangle hair before shower

Never shower with knots or tangles. Make sure that you detangle your strands before washing your hair. Not only is it more difficult to untangle wet hair, it can also lead to breakage. The more tangles you have, the more you increase the likelihood of breakage.

Tangled, matted hair gets worse after shampooing. When you shampoo your hair, you are creating more friction between each strand; thus, generating more tangles.

Condition, condition, condition

Dry hair is more likely to get tangled. This is why it is important to condition your hair every time you wash it. Regular conditioning will keep your hair soft, smooth, and easier to manage. On top of that, it will also keep your hair from tangling.

It is also a good idea to incorporate deep conditioning treatment into your hair care routine. It will coat your hair in moisture, making it softer, healthier, and more beautiful. Plus, it will also prevents knots and breakage.

Limit the use of hot styling tools

If you’ve been reading our blog, you know that regular use of hot styling tools will leave your hair dull, dry, and brittle. Not only will cause heat damage, it is also a recipe for knots and tangles.

Limit the use of hot styling tools. If possible, allow your hair to dry naturally. If you really need to use hot tools to style your hair, we suggest that you start with a heat protectant spray. This will prevent heat damage and keep your hair from getting fried.

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