4 Compelling Reasons to Cut Your Hair Short

Short-Haircuts-for-Thick-Hair-10I like long hair. It’s versatile and feminine. But after years of being weighed down by my long hair, I’ve been flirting with the thought of cutting my hair short. I was known for having long hair most of my life but I was also wanted to know what it was like to have short hair.

Recently, I’ve been looking at shorter hairstyles and think that sometimes, women either dismiss the short hair or they get stuck with their long hair just because they don’t have the courage to go for a short haircut. So, I went for it, and I loved it.

To all the women out there who are considering cutting their hair, I’ve compiled a list of reasons why you should.

Less hassle

Imagine jumping into the shower and getting out twice as fast. In addition to that, your hair dries much quicker too. A little dab of styling products is enough to get a new look every day. Going short is unequivocally the lazy girl’s guide to a healthy mane. Once you cut your hair, you will realize how much of a hassle your long locks were.

Change is good

If you’ve been rocking the same hairstyle for a few years now, then you might be in need of a haircut. This will not only change your entire appearance, it will also give you a boost in confidence, whether you intend to or not.

Short hair looks good on everyone

Short hair can be very flattering on women. It can look stylish with any outfit and can accentuate your features, really. Since I have had short hair, I received a lot of compliments, even from strangers.

It looks more professional

Studies show that the most successful women have mostly short hair. Nowadays, clients or employers prefer candidates with a short haircut. This is because a chic short haircut, gives them an impression that the person is modern, confident and dynamic.


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