2012 Wedding Up Do’s


Weddings take months to prepare. Even if you have a year of planning to spare, you might still be pressed for time as the big day draws near especially if you are taking care of the tiniest details yourself. The good news is that once you have made a decision on the major details, the other smaller aspects of planning a wedding should easily fall into place.

When Planning a Wedding, Pay Attention to Details

When planning a wedding, make sure to pay attention to the details. Consider the following factors when making certain decisions:
– The time of day and season of the year that the wedding will be held.
– The theme of the wedding.
– The venue for the ceremony and reception.

Let’s say that you are having a summer wedding and the reception will be held outdoors, in the afternoon. When planning on the bridal hairstyle, make sure to take the weather into consideration. Since the ceremony will be held outdoors, the bride should have a hairstyle which would not be easily swept by the wind, or look limp if it’s a bit sunny. The bridal hairstyle should not need constant re-fixing, so make sure that it can last throughout the day and well into the after-ceremony party when the bride and groom are bound to dance the night away.

Aside from the weather and the time of day that the ceremony will be held, another factor that you may want to consider when making wedding plans is the current bridal trends for the year. Now that 2011 is almost over, what are the hottest trends for bridal accessories, gowns and hairstyles that you may want to follow? Read on to find out.

Trends for Bridal Accessories

First, what are the emerging trends this coming 2012 for bridal accessories? If you’ve had a chance to see runway shows for the hottest bridal trends for the next fashion season, the focus is on gold accessories. This is especially true if you are planning a winter wedding. From the bride’s shoes to hair accessories and jewelry, anything that’s made from gold can be considered trendy. The good thing about following this particular trend is that gold never goes out of fashion – just make sure not to overdo it. Simply choose one or two gold accents to complete your look as a bride, and you should be good to go.

Trends for Bridal Gowns

For bridal and bridesmaid’s gowns, the trend veers towards big, layered skirts which are made from sheer materials. Some of the most popular fabrics used by designers include lace, crepe, batiste, tulle, chiffon and organza. Instead of having a dress which is only made from lace, for example, the trend is more towards using a combination of all these materials.

How about Bridal Hairstyles?

Finally, when it comes to hairstyles for the bride, the trend is to go simple and loose. Ditch those updos which take stylists hours to create and simply have your hair as a bride styled with natural, loose curls or waves. As an accent, you can go for a sparkling gold brooch, a large gardenia or another exotic flower, as well as birdcage veils which can become the focal point of your bridal outfit.

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