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6 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Shampoo

Bar soap Shampoos give your hair a well-needed clean. But before the advent of shampoo, people use bar soap to wash their hair. However, bar soaps are incompatible with hard water and can be irritating to the eyes. Hair washing … Continue reading

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Are You Washing Your Hair the Right Way

You’re probably doing it every day, but are you sure you’re doing it the right way? You may be surprised to know that something as mundane as washing your hair has a right technique behind it. Using the right techniques … Continue reading

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Tips for Keeping Your Red Hair from Fading

Red is considered to be the hottest hair color in Hollywood, but it’s also the hardest to maintain. The most common complaint we hear from women with red hair is that their hair color fades quickly. While it’s natural for … Continue reading

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