Salon Etiquettes That Will Make Your Hairstylist Love You

Salon Etiquette
Every salon will have different rules. But there are essential rules you should follow in order to make every visit to the salon a pleasant one.

Your relationship with your hairstylist plays a big role in the outcome of your hairdo. These tips can help you have a wonderful experience at the salon and create a good relationship with your hairstylist.

Be on time

A lot of stylists are on a very tight schedule. In most cases, they have a new client booked right after you. If you come in late, it begins a pattern of them running behind and the next clients will have to wait.

If possible, be there 15 to 20 minutes prior to your appointment. If you can’t come, please make it a point to call the salon a day before so your hairstylist has a chance to fill in your spot.

No inappropriate conversation

I love chatting with my hairdresser while getting my hair done. However, some people prefer to just sit quietly and relax in the chair until everything is done.

If you are to chat with your hairstylist, avoid sharing things that are way too personal. Venting out to your stylist may be a good idea, especially if you’re going through a tough time, but you don’t want to break his or her concentration.


Salon is a service industry. It is expected that you acknowledge the person who has assisted you. This is best showed through tipping.

While a tip is considered as a gratuity and any amount would be appreciated, 15% of the service price is a good rule to go by. You can also give more if you think your stylist went above and beyond her duties.

Thank them for their work

If you’re happy about your new ‘do, do not hesitate to thank your stylist for their work. A simple thank you is enough to brighten up their day.


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