Reasons You Should Try a Dry Haircut

hairdressing-1516352_1280A lot of people assume that there is a universal rule that hair should be wet when getting a haircut. After all, a typical visit to the salon usually starts with a consultation, shampoo, haircut and then styling. But the truth is that the process can be interchangeable. The stylist can start by cutting your hair, followed by a shampoo and then finish off by styling your locks.

This may sound as a surprise, but dry cutting can make the difference between a good haircut and a great haircut. Here are 3 reasons you should try a dry haircut.

It’s more precise

Dry cutting allows for a more precise cut. When your hair is dry, the stylist can easily see how your hair sits, flows and moves in its natural state.

What you see is what you get when cutting dry hair. This can eliminate the shock factor that comes with a haircut. Dry cutting is recommended for clients who have a very specific hairstyle in mind or those who are too worried about the end result. This ensures that you and your stylist are on the same page about your expectations.

It requires less time

Most stylists will cut your hair wet and then do some finishing touches after blow drying your hair. Cutting dry hair eliminates most of this second-round work; hence, getting you in and out of the salon faster. In fact, it shaves a solid 15 minutes off of your salon time. If you are a busy mom or someone who is always on the go, this is a great option for you.

It’s perfect for clients with curly hair

Curly hair looks entirely different when wet. It looks flat and much longer. It can be impossible to tell where the curls will fall once your hair is dry. As a result, women with curly hair usually end up with an uneven, imprecise cut.

Dry cutting lets stylists see how each curl falls, making it easier for them to know where to remove density or length and where to leave strands as they are.

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