4 Problems Only Girls with Curly Hair Understands

4 Problems Only Girls with Curly Hair UnderstandsHaving a curly hair seems to be the subject of jealousy from some girls with straight hair. Curly hair is just so gorgeous, but most people fail to realize the struggles women with curly hair endure on a regular basis.

Listed below are some of the most common problems curly-haired girls faces, along with some suggestions on how to tame your spiral tresses.

Frizzy hair

Frizzy hair has always been an issue with women, no matter what your hair type. The problem becomes more pronounced on humid days. If you have curly hair, taming your hair becomes close to impossible. Only a slight amount of humidity in the air, and you’re screwed. You tried your best to fix your hair, and then 5 minutes after leaving the house, your hair goes from gorgeous to disaster.

To prevent your hair from turning into an unruly mess, make sure that your hair is completely dry before leaving the house. Otherwise, your strands will soak up the morning dew and frizz. We also recommend that you condition your hair regularly and apply leave in conditioner while your hair is still wet. By keeping your hair hydrated and moisturized, it will absorb less moisture from the air.

Getting the haircut you want

Getting a haircut is a great way to change your looks. Most women would visit the salon carrying photos of hairstyles they want to achieve. For curly-haired women, getting a haircut is like a box of chocolate – you’ll never know what you’ll get.

Since haircuts are often done on wet hair, the end result looks a lot different when the hair gets dry. In most cases, they end up with shorter hair than expected. To prevent unwanted surprises, we suggest that you ask for a dry haircut. This way, it would be easier for your stylist to see where every curl falls.


Curly hair tends to tangle more easily, and detangling it can be a pain. Whether you blow dry, brush or style your hair, everything you do leads to breakage. For women with coarse and curly hair, then go easy on the heat, vigorous brushing and tight clips. Treat your hair like a delicate silk blouse. The less you mess with your hair, the less the breakage.

Dry hair

Unlike straight hair, curly hair has a harder time retaining moisture. The good news is that you are less likely to deal with greasy hair. Overuse of hot styling tools also contribute to dry, dull hair.

To keep your hair moisturized, condition your hair every time you wash it. Also, try to deep condition your locks at least once a week. Overtime, you’ll have healthier and shinier locks.


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5 Reasons You Should be Using Hair Masks

5 Reasons You Should be Using Hair MasksHair masks aren’t a fad or a new phenomenon. For hundreds of years, people have been using hair masks to keep their hair gorgeous and healthy. If you haven’t tried using a hair mask before, now would be the perfect time to start.

Here are 5 benefits of using hair masks on a regular basis.

Prevent hair color from fading

Regular use of hair mask can help keep your hair color vibrant and lustrous. But in order to achieve great results, we recommend that you start applying hair mask at least 2 weeks prior to coloring. Continue using hair masks after coloring so as to retain as much moisture as possible.

Fight dandruff and itchy scalp

Dandruff can be such a pain. Aside from itchy scalp, it can also make your hair dull and lifeless. Luckily, hair masks can help you get rid of dandruff. Not only will they help keep the flakes off of your clothes, they’ll also hydrate and moisturize the scalp. If you have dandruff, use hair masks with healing ingredients like honey, hibiscus, yogurt, lemon, and oatmeal.

Prevent split ends

Getting a haircut is the only way to get rid split ends, but using a hair mask regularly will help keep your growing strong and protect your fragile ends.

The ends of your hair are the most brittle and delicate part, so they require the most attention. When applying hair mask, be sure to focus on the ends of your hair. This will keep your hair healthy and moisturized; hence, minimizing the occurrence of split ends.

Damage control

Our hair gets damaged due to constant exposure to the sun, use of heat styling tools and chemical treatments. Weekly use of hair masks can be an excellent way to treat and replenish your hair. In fact, a lot of people turn to hair masks to nourish their hair from the roots to ends. Whether you have dry, damaged or fragile hair, hair masks will add bounce and health to your hair.

Restore shine

Unlike regular conditioners, hair masks work their way inside the hair cuticle. Masks contain vital nutrients that will help bring your hair back to life. They help nourish dry locks and provide a serious dose of moisture. Eventually, you’ll notice that your hair becomes softer, silkier and more manageable. Use hair masks twice a week if you want hair that looks beautiful and fabulous.

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Is Oiling Really Good for Your Hair?

Is Oiling Really Good for Your Hair?Oiling hair has been a beauty ritual since time immemorial. However, not everyone is aware of the many benefits of regular oiling. Luckily, oils are becoming more and more popular as people begin to realize the amazing benefits that come with it.

Today, oils are the latest beauty favorite, and for good reasons. Here are some of the benefits you can get from oiling your hair regularly.

Strengthens your hair

We shed about 50 to 100 strands a day. But if you notice more strands on your shower drain, then this may be a cause of concern. There are several reasons why you’re shedding more strands than usual – weak strands being one of the most common reasons.

If you have weak strands, oiling your hair can be of great help. Every time you oil your hair, it becomes stronger and thicker. This is because oils like castor oil and coconut oil are packed with essential fatty acids and vitamin E. They can also penetrate the strands; leaving you with thicker, stronger and more nourished hair. As a result, they become less prone to damage. Regular oiling can also help reverse hair loss.

Moisture your hair and scalp

If your hair is extremely dry, we highly recommend that you oil them once a week. Not only does it promise healthy and super glossy tresses, it also helps nourish and revive lacklustre hair. Because oil can penetrate your hair shaft and scalp, it helps retain the moisture content of your hair and scalp.  Your hair will feel softer and easier to manage. You’ll notice an instant boost in health and appearance of your hair.

Whether you use coconut, argan, jojoba or olive oil, your hair will thank you for it. Oil your hair regularly to see the difference yourself.

Hair growth

Certain vitamins and minerals are needed for healthy hair and scalp. Massaging your scalp with oil is probably the best thing you can do for your hair. This is especially true if you have thin, fine and weak hair. Simply apply warm oil to your scalp and gently massage with your finger pads. Do this for a few minutes and then leave it on for about 20 to 30 minutes. Not only is it relaxing, it also increase blood flow to your scalp; hence, boosting hair growth.

Protects hair against pollution

You take a bath everyday and wash off all the dirt, sweat and oil off of your body. But since washing your hair everyday isn’t recommended, oiling your hair is actually an effective way to protect your hair against pollution. How, you may ask? It forms a protective layer on your hair; hence, protecting it from damage from dust, dirt, smoke, grime and even UV rays.


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Things to Consider Before Cutting Your Hair

Things to Consider Before Cutting Your HairWith the temperatures rising, some of you may be tempted to chop your hair off. This is especially true for women with medium to Rapunzel-length hair. But before you book an appointment, you want to make sure you choose a hairstyle that would look great on you.

There are a lot of thing to consider when deciding the right haircut for yourself. Consider these factors before getting a haircut to ensure that you won’t regret your decision later on.

Make sure you’re ready

Sometimes, getting a haircut may seem like a spontaneous thing to do. If you’re getting a trim, then there’s nothing to worry about. But if you’re chopping off a huge chunk of your hair, be sure that you’re ready for it.

Cutting your hair is a big commitment. Remember, once you it, there is no turning back. So make the cut with complete confidence. If you don’t like how your hair looks, just give yourself a few days to adjust. You may not like it at first, but you’ll get used to it eventually.

Consider your lifestyle

Some hairstyles look great. However, they can be high maintenance. If you are the type of person who you don’t have time to style your hair every morning, you’ll want to choose a hairstyle that will still look great even if you just wash and go. Cut your hair into a style you can maintain.

Know your hair texture

It’s easy to grab a picture of a celebrity and then ask your stylist to cut your hair the same way. Make sure that your hair has the same texture. Otherwise, you may not be able to pull it off.

If you thin, stick-straight hair, Blake Lively’s hairstyle may not look as good on you. Short hair would be a great option for you. A layered cut is also ideal as it will add volume and body to your hair. Excessive length will make your hair look thinner and will weigh your hair down.

Know your face shape

Just because the hairstyle looks great on a certain celebrity, that doesn’t mean that it will look great on you too. Your face shape will have a big impact on your finished look. As such, you need to take your face shape into account before getting a haircut.

If you have a round shaped face, your goal is to find a hairstyle that would make your face look more oval. Short hairstyles in a swept-back direction will help lengthen a circular face. Side-swept bangs and shoulder-length hair will look work best for those with square-shaped face. If you have a heart-shaped face, a lob would look great on you. If you have an oval face shape, you’re lucky. You can pull off any hairstyle you want.

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Classic Short Hairstyles for Men

Nowadays, more and more men are becoming conscious of their looks. Unlike women, most men don’t want to spend a lot of time fixing their hair. As such, many of them are looking for hairstyles that are clean and easy to maintain, but are high in style.

During the past few years, we have seen a resurgence in vintage hairstyles. You can’t go wrong with a classic look. If you are considering getting a haircut, we recommend that you go for a classic hairstyle. Not only do they look neat, they can also be worn in just about any era.

Here are 4 classic hairstyles for men.

Side part


Part refers to the division of the hair. Our hair tends to fall more to one side. To achieve this look, simply apply the product of your choice evenly throughout your hair. Create a part on one side of your head using a fine-toothed comb.

The side part is quite a distinct hairstyle that looks coy, clean and sassy. It’s a sharp, wearable do that is sure to look great in the office, formal events and even on the red carpet.

Taper cut


In this cut, the hair is cut over the ears with fullness on top for versatility in styling. The taper cut is a great hairstyle that offers a clean look. Consider this hairstyle if you are looking for a hairstyle that never goes out of style, but isn’t boring at the same time. Taper cut works best with medium to thick textured hair. It also suits all face shapes.

Slicked back

slicked back brad pitt

Just like other hairstyles, the slicked back hair has re-emerged and has become a go-to hairstyle for guys who are looking for a sophisticated look.

This hairstyle is all about clean lines, so it looks best in an office setting, formal occasions or when you’re wearing trousers, a cashmere sweater and hard-bottom shoes. Not every hair texture can pull off the slicked back look. This hairstyle is best suited for men with fine to medium hair.

Ivy League

ivy league

This is one of the most polished classic hairstyles there is. Chances are you’ve sported this clean-cut style at some point in your life.

The Ivy League is a great choice for the contemporary gentlemen. In this type of haircut, the hair on top of the head is long enough so that it can be parted and combed to the side. Since the cut emphasizes neatness, it is viewed as acceptable in an office setting.

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Superfoods for Gorgeous Hair

Most of us would love to have a head of thick, full hair. Unfortunately, not everyone is almonds-1768792_1920blessed with great hair. In fact, a lot of people are dealing with thin, dry and dull hair. Instead of just relying on your shampoo, conditioner and other hair care products, it is best to feed your body with healthy and nutritious foods.

You need to keep in mind that the cells that make up each strand of your hair are in need of nutrients to stay healthy for optimal growth. By eating healthy and nutritious foods, you are also feeding your hair with the nutrients they need. By doing so, not only will you be rewarded with a healthy body, you’ll also achieve gorgeous, shiny hair as well.

Here are some superfoods for gorgeous hair. Fill your plate with these foods to get shiny, lustrous hair you’ve always dreamed of.


Nuts are packed with vitamins, minerals, proteins and heart-healthy fats. They are not only good for your overall health; they are also beneficial to your hair.

Almond, for instance, is packed with Biotin, which is also referred to as the hair vitamin. Although our body only requires a small amount of biotin, a lack of it may lead to reduced hair growth, dull and thinning hair as well as other hair maladies. Eating a handful of this crunchy protein-packed nut will help salvage your crowning glory.


It is normal to lose 50 to 100 strands per day. Although it’s impossible to stop your hair from shedding, eating protein-rich foods will help you replace the strands you lose every day. We all know that eggs are an excellent source of protein. Incorporating protein-rich foods in your diet will help you grow strong and beautiful hair. Eggs are also packed with biotin, which is essential for hair growth and scalp health.

Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is good for the body, the hair on your head included. It contains vitamin B5 or panthoteic acid, which is an essential vitamin for hair growth. It provides key nourishment to hair follicles to promote growth. It has also been used in cosmetic products for years because of the benefits it bring to your hair and skin. In addition, this breakfast staple is also packed with protein, which is the building block of your hair and nails. If you are suffering from hair loss, eating Greek yogurt regularly may help your hair grow back.


The human body performs a lot of functions. It can turn food into energy, produce white blood cells to fight infection and a lot of other crazy things. However, our body isn’t capable of producing Omega-3 fatty acids, which is why it is important to include it in our diet. Your hair starts to lose its natural shine when you’re low on healthy fats.

Salmon is an excellent source of Omega-3. This does not only protect you from diseases, it also enables you to grow hair and keep it full and shiny. Other sources of Omega-3 fatty acids are mackerel and sardines.

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Biggest Mistakes When You Air Dry Your Hair

girl-2120196_1280Although air drying is better for your hair, it doesn’t always look great. Air dried hair can actually look amazing if you do it right. But if you’re hair usually ends up looking like frizzy, confused mop, chances are you’re doing it wrong.

Here are some of the biggest mistakes you’re probably making when air drying your hair.

Not using product

Hair care products are essential for the sleekest air-dried look possible. If you have dry hair, a leave-in conditioner with moisturizing properties is a must. If your hair tends to fall flat, a volumizing spray can help. Argan oil is also a great product to use to tone down frizz and keep your hair soft and shiny. The use of sea-salt-based products is also recommended for air drying your hair in beachy waves.

Not styling your hair

Air drying your hair sounds effortless. You hop out of the shower, towel dry your hair and let Mother Nature do its thing. What most people fail to realize is that there is more to air drying than just allowing your hair to dry on its own. In fact, beautiful air-dried hair takes a little effort. If you leave your hair to dry as is, it may turn into a tangled bird’s nest.

To achieve your desired look, you need to style your hair before leaving the house. Pull your hair up in a bun or braid it to create loose waves. Then, release and shake your hair out when it’s completely dry. To keep your hair sleek and straight, detangle with a wide toothed comb and then finish off with a leave-in conditioner.

Rubbing hair with a towel

Most people would reach for their towel after getting out of their shower and rub their hair with it. But regular towels are bad for your hair. This will rough up your strands, leaving you with a head full of frizz. Since hair is at its weakest when it’s wet, squeezing and pulling on your strands may also lead to breakage.

Rather than rubbing your hair with a towel, gently squeeze your hair using your hands to get rid of excess water. Then, pat and squeeze with a cotton shirt or a microfiber towel. Microfiber towels are super absorbent. They’ll absorb as much water as possible without creating frizz.

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4 Ways to Add Volume to Fine, Thin Hair

4 Ways to Add Volume to Fine, Thin HairGetting gorgeous, full-looking style can be quite difficult to achieve when you have fine, thin hair. You blow dry your hair, tousle it around and primp it up. Despite your efforts, your hair ends up falling flat even before you leave the house.

It’s frustrating, I know. Believe it or not, I understand your pain. I have also struggled with limp, flat hair in the past. In the hopes of helping every thin-haired women out there, I’m here to share with you some tips to give your hair more bounce in an instant.

Here are 4 ways to add volume to fine, thin hair.

Color your hair

This may not be the first thing that comes to wind when looking for ways to add volume to your hair, but hair color is actually a godsend to women with flat, limp hair. Coloring your hair roughs up your hair cuticle and creates added body; thereby, making your hair appear thicker. It’s not about the color; it’s about the texture it gives you.

Sleep in a bun

Awakening to luscious locks may seem like a dream. Believe it or not, you can get gorgeous hair in your sleep.

If you wash your hair at night, twist you hair into a bun before going to bed. It may not be the most comfortable way to sleep, but it will give you bouncier locks in the morning. When you wake up, remove the bun and run your fingers through your hair.

Use dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is innately volume-building. If you want to create volume to your hair, coat your scalp with dry shampoo after blow drying. This will prevent oil from sabotaging your volume. That means you don’t have to wait 2 to 3 years to use dry shampoo.

Applying dry shampoo to dirty hair won’t help you achieve voluminous locks because the oil from your scalp has already travelled down your strands. This weighs your hair down, resulting to limp, flat hair.

Blow dry upside down

A good hair dryer is one of your best allies in the quest for big hair. For instant, easy volume, try flipping your hair over and blow dry your hair upside down. This will build a lot of volume throughout the roots and the top part of your strands.

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Hair Mistakes That Age Your Face

OldHairThe right hairstyle will keep you looking youthful. It will accentuate your best features and complement your face shape. It also gives you a boost in confidence. Unfortunately, a bad hairstyle or hair color will make you look older and cut through all that confidence.

Here are 4 hair mistakes that can age your face.

Out-of-date do

This is one of the biggest mistakes women make with their hair. We’ve seen a lot of women who would cling to their childhood hairstyle. Many of them have been sporting the same hairstyle for decades. Although trends usually come back around, your hairstyle needs to evolve.

Sporting a hair color that washes you out

When choosing hair color, make sure that it complements your skin tone. If you prefer a lighter shade, it is important to maintain a contrast between your complexion and your hair shade. Otherwise, you will appear washed out.

We’ve seen a lot of women aging themselves by using very light hair color. Consult with your hairstylist before dyeing your hair. They’ll help you choose the right color that will suit your skin tone.

You’re afraid to lighten up

We all know that gray hair can age you. But what most people fail to realize is that dark hair colors, when used for an older client, can actually make the person look older.

As we age, we undergo many changes that show signs of aging – wrinkles, fine lines, translucency to the skin. The dark color can make these signs more visible. Stay away from dark colors as you age. For a more youthful look, we advise that you use a lighter shade of color than you’re used to. Or better yet, ask your stylist for suggestions.

Letting your hair grow out too long

For centuries, long hair was regarded as the standard of beauty for women. In addition, men also find women with long, luscious hair sexy. There is no denying that long hair looks beautiful. But if your hair is too long, it can drag your hair down and leave you looking older than you are. Once your hair has passed your ribs, it can add years to your look.

We understand that you are trying to grow your hair, but you also need to visit the salon regularly to keep your hair in shape and prevent split ends as well.

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Essential Hair Care Tips for Spring

SpringHairWinter is fading and the weather is getting a little warmer. But after braving the freezing temps and staying in an overheated office for a few months, it is likely that your strands are now dry, brittle and lackluster.

Now that the sun is starting to come out and everything is growing in fresh and new, it’s also the perfect time to nurse your hair back to optimum health.

Put some spring in your strands with these essential hair care tips.

Switch up hair products

Because of the dry winter weather, a lot of people use a moisturizing shampoo and condition during this time of the year. But with the temperature rising, we recommend that you switch your shampoo and conditioner. This is especially important if you live somewhere with dramatic temperature changes.

The warmer weather warrants less heavy products. If you used a heavy conditioner in winter, switch to a lighter or balancing conditioner. If you deep condition once a week, do it every other week in spring and summer.

Treat your scalp with TLC

Your hair says a lot about you. It can provide insight into your overall health and well-being. As such, it is important to take good care of your scalp and strands.

Taking good care of your scalp is essential to having gorgeous and healthy hair. You can actually benefit from a good scalp massage. Next time you lather up, massage your scalp using the pads of your fingers. Not only will it bestow a sense of calm and peacefulness, it can also increase the blood flow to your scalp; thereby, stimulating hair growth.

Get a haircut

Since you’ve already switched out your wardrobe, don’t you think it’s the perfect time to reinvent your looks? The right haircut will have a huge effect on your appearance. It can make you look younger, thinner and better. Welcome spring with a new ‘do.

If you’re not ready to make the chop, opt for a trim instead. It’s no secret that the winter weather can lead to breakage and split ends. Cutting an inch off of your strands is enough to get rid of split ends. This will leave your hair looking fresh and healthy.

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