Horrifying Reason Why You Should Never Wear a Hair Tie Around Your Wrist

scrunchies-2245_1280If you have long hair, hair ties may be an essential part of your life. You use it to tie your hair when you’re experiencing a bad hair day. You put your hair up when you exercise or prepare meals. It is pretty much your best friend and you want to keep it on you at all times.

If you are one of those women who tie their hair on a daily basis, you may be often seen sporting a hair tie around your wrist. After all, it’s convenient. You won’t have to rummage through your bag when you need to tie your hair. Plus, it is less likely to get lost if you wear it around your wrist.

We must admit that we are guilty of this habit as well, but hopefully you may want to banish this habit after reading this blog post.

That black elastic hair tie on your wrist doesn’t just ruin your outfit; it also has the potential to cause serious harm.

If you wore the elastic all day and never got the chance to put it on your hair, this may impede blood circulation. Unlike, jewelry and watches, you can’t loosen up a hair tie. Notice that unattractive red line on your wrist? That is actually a sign that it’s too tight. It clings tightly to your skin; hence, cutting off circulation to your arm.

When you wear the hair tie for too long, you face a greater risk. The rough edges of the elastic could rub against your skin and cause tiny cuts. Because most women do not swap out their hair tie, let alone wash them, just imagine how much dirt and bacteria are trapped in there.

A small scratch, cut or a rash provides a perfect route for germs and bacteria to enter your body. This could lead to an infection. When it gets into your bloodstream, your body could shut down and you may go into a coma.

Do yourself a favor and stash your hair tie in your purse or pocket. It will save you a whole lot of pain down the road.

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