How to Determine if Hair Loss is Normal

Hair-LossFor a while, hair loss was regarded as a problem that exclusively affected men, but this is changing today. According to the American Hair Loss Association, 40% of American hair loss sufferers are women. Because of this, hair loss has become a major topic of discussion in the beauty world.

Despite the fact that we lose about 100 strands of hair each day, a lot of women are concerned that they are shedding too much hair. But before you dive head first into a sea of hair growth products, you need to understand the difference between normal hair fall and hair loss.

Determine the average hair loss

Depending on your age, hair growth cycle, hormones and how much hair you have, it is normal to lose about 40 to 120 strands a day.

People with fine hair are more likely to lose more hair as compared to those with thicker hair strands. Hair fall also increases as we age.

Post partum

During pregnancy, you may notice that your hair hardly falls out, but then an alarming amount of hair starts falling out a few months after you give birth. The shedding often peaks 4 months after giving birth. Do not panic. Please keep in mind that this is normal and temporary. The shedding will stop once your body has readjusted.


Human hair loss patterns also changes with the season. Most people experience seasonal hair loss during the months of July and August. Hair loss may also become significant in the fall, usually November and December, when the hair reaches its maturity.


The amount of hair we shed may also vary between different ethnicities. Asians generally lose about 70 hair strands each day; whereas, Caucasian lose about 100 and Africans about 60.

Additionally, people with blonde hair are more likely to shed more hair than brunettes and redheads.


Stress is regarded as one of the most common causes of excessive hair shedding. Hair shedding usually stops on its own. However, people who are constantly under stress may experience excessive hair fall for an extended period of time. This can be long lived if the stressor stays with you.


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