Things You Need to Know Before Cutting Your Hair Short

winter hairThe idea of getting a makeover is all too enticing. It’s the holiday season and everyone wants to look great in preparation to all the parties this season has to offer.

Pixie, bob or chic-inspired buzzcut has been a popular hairstyle among celebrities, but do you think you can pull off the trend? It only takes 5 minutes to chop your hair off. But if you don’t like your new haircut, then you’ll have to live with it for a few months.

There are a few things you should know before rushing to the salon and making the big cut. Here are 4 great pieces of advice for a successful short ‘do.

Make sure you’re actually ready for a haircut

Getting a haircut is no big deal. But if you have anywhere from medium to Rapunzel-length hair, cutting 10 inches off your hair can be a big adjustment. Once it’s done, there’s no going back. Of course, you’re hair will grow back but it will take a few months before you reach your comfortable length again. Ask yourself if you’re okay with that.

Short hair is a lot of work

Cutting your hair short doesn’t make hair care easier. Sure, you’ll save lots of time getting ready in the morning, but you also have to take more frequent trips to the salon if you want to maintain this look. Unlike long hair, bobs and pixies require touch-ups every 4 to 6 weeks. Consider this before you hop on board the short hair don’t care bandwagon.

Consider your face shape

Insufficient research is one of the most common problems in chopping your locks. Your face shape is crucial to getting the right haircut. Certain hairstyles will accentuate your facial features. Knowing your face shape can help you determine the kind of hairstyle that will look good on you.

Talk it out with your stylist

Bring a few pictures to the salon so you can show them to your hairstylist. Be clear and specific about what you want. Let him/her know if you’re not going to have time to do your hair. Ask for suggestions about hairstyles that you can actually maintain.


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