Cute Hairstyle Ideas for Summer

The sweltering summer heat proves to be an obstacle in achieving great-looking hair during this time of the year. Most women choose to pull their hair up into a pony tail or bun just to get their hair off of their face. Other than the boring ponytails, there are a lot of things you can do to your hair.

Here are some cute hairstyle ideas for summer.

pexels-photo-58592Headband braid

On days when you want to wear your down but want to keep your locks from falling on your face, consider a headband braid. This hairstyle is very popular, especially during the summer months. Plus, it’s a great way to hide those side-swept bangs. Braid your hair and wrap it around the edge of your hairline. Don’t forget to secure your hair with a bobby pin at the back of your neck.

Side pony

If you’re in a hurry and you only have a few minutes to fix your hair, opt for a side pony. Sure, it’s still a pony tail, but it’s sure to give you the classy, sultry look. It’s casual enough that you can wear it to the beach or a bbq party. It’s also chic-looking that you can even wear it on a date night or a formal event. Celebrities like Ashley Tisdale and Taylor Swift even wore it to the red carpet.

If you have thin hair, you may want to curl the ends of your hair. This will not only give off a sexier look, it will also add volume to your hair.

Beach waves

Nothing says summer like flowing beachy waves. Most women like the idea of having an effortless hairstyle that looks like they’ve been hanging by the beach all day. The natural look is youthful and sexy.

When curling your hair, start by sectioning your hair. For the first few sections, curl away from your face and then start alternating the curl. Finish off with a salt or texturizing spray.

If you are planning to wear beach waves throughout the summer, we highly recommend that you get a haircut. Ask your stylist to add layers to your hair to make it easier to curl and to add lightness to your locks.

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