How to Make Your Curls Last Longer

dianeGiven the number of curling tools sold in the market, you probably think that getting lasting curls would be easy. But a lot of women still find it hard to hold a curly style for more than a few hours. This is especially true if you have stick-straight hair.

Some people would say that some types of hair never hold curls well, but the truth is, it’s just a matter of knowing the right tricks to make it stay.

Try these tips to help your curls stay put all day.

Start with dirty hair

We all know that dirty hair holds a style better as compared to freshly washed hair. So if you are planning to curl your hair, we suggest that you skip the shampoo for a day or two. If your hair feels greasy, sprinkling a little dry shampoo along the roots can do wonders in getting rid of excess oil.

Use the right products

If you have already washed your hair and decided at the last minute that you wanted some waves, there’s still a way to make your curls stay. The key is to use the right products.

Start with a heat protecting product so as to keep your strands from getting fried. Once your curls are set, finish it off with a hair spray.  Spray wax, styling mousse and setting spray are also great products that will help you get bouncy curls that last.

Invest in professional-grade tools

There is nothing more frustrating than spending 45 minutes curling your hair only to discover that it has fallen flat even before you make it out the door.

Ditch the cheap, drugstore brand curlers and invest in professional-grade tools. Once you do, you may then realize that your hair is not the problem, it’s the iron.

Get a trim

If your curls won’t stay despite using the tips given above, it probably means that it’s time for a trim.

Dry, damaged hair including split ends doesn’t curl well. Regular trims will not only keep your hair healthy, it will also help your curls stay in longer.

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