Common Hair Coloring Mistakes

hairmistakesAccording to studies, the average American female changes their hairstyle at least 35 times in a life. This includes hair color. Many of you probably color your hair on a regular basis or have tried to dye your hair a bold color just for fun.

Although dyeing your hair can be fun, you may end up with an unwanted hair color or may lead to coloring disaster, especially true if not applied correctly.

Here are some of the most common hair coloring mistakes to avoid.

Coloring damaged hair

Just because you wanted to change your looks, doesn’t mean that it’s okay to color your hair. Resist the urge to dye your hair if it’s already dry and brittle. Try deep conditioning treatments at least once a week to improve your hair’s condition.

Coloring hair at home

Dyeing your hair at a salon can be quite expensive. Because of that, a lot of women, especially those who are on a tight budget, choose to go the DIY route and color their hair at home.

When you visit a salon, you’re paying for a professionally done service. Professional stylists consider several factors in order to achieve the hair color you want. They customize a formula with different hues to make the perfect shade. Box colors, on the other hand, are considered “one size fits all” and cannot be relied upon. They’re not going to give you that gorgeous hair color of celebrities who are endorsing the product. Rather, it often leads to disastrous results. In most cases, your hair will feel like straw after coloring. You may want to think twice before you pick up the box.

Going more than 2 shades from your natural hair color

Your natural hair color complements your skin tone. After all it’s the color that you’re meant to have. Straying too far from your natural shade will not only look artificial, it will also add years to your appearance.

If you’re a dark brunette, we advise against going too light. That beautiful buttery blonde may look great on your friend, but it may turn out orange on you. Color within reason.

Going permanent

A lot of women choose to make drastic changes in their hairstyle when they’re going through something. They either cut their hair short or choose an extreme hair color. While there’s nothing wrong in wanting to change your looks, please avoid the mistake of going permanent immediately.

Permanent hair color won’t wash out of your hair. If you don’t like the result, you’ll either have to deal with it or chop off your hair. If you’re not sure about the hair color, opt for semi-permanent hair color instead. It usually fades after 6 weeks. In case you don’t like the color, it will wash away in a month or so.


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