5 Life-Changing Curly Hair Tips

Curly hair is said to be one of the hardest hair types to style and manage. Getting your curls to look their best may be frustrating and difficult. It’s more affected by humidity, drier and attempting to brush it may lead to an explosion of frizz that may resemble a lion’s mane. That being said, most women with curly hair resort to using hair iron, making their hair easier to manage.

We have put together a list of tips that would completely change your life and how you see your curls. Read on and learn to rock your curls.

Deep conditioning

Moisture is the key to managing those curls. Deep conditioning is one of the simplest and most effective ways of getting those curls moisturized.

The curlier the hair, the longer it may take for natural oils to travel from root to tips. Deep conditioning is specifically made to help moisture penetrate your hair; thus, providing your roots the moisture it needs to make your hair stay frizz-free.

Stop straightening


You may be accustomed in changing your hair’s texture that you may find it difficult to embrace your curls and be happy with what you are given. Once you put down those straightening tools, you’ll have a chance to work with your hair and get the best possible curly version of you.

Trim your hair regularly

Most stylists recommend having your hair trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks. You may find it unnecessary but once you get into the habit of having your hair trimmed regularly, you may then realize that you hair looks healthier; something most women with curly hair strive for.

Alcohol-free products

Styling products with alcohol may give your hair a crunchy and ramen-noodle texture. Among styling products, hair spray is said to contain the highest percentage of alcohol. Mousses and gels come in second. Most stylist recommend using water-soluble gels and aerated mousses.

Always get a dry cut



Curly wet hair and curly dry hair are 2 different things. Mind you, your curls may retract as they dry. So, when cutting your hair, make sure to get a dry cut. This way, you know how every strand falls and won’t go beyond your desired length.


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