4 Ways to Hide Your Bangs

Bangs can enhance your facial features, especially when you wear them the right way. But sometimes, they can be a pain in the butt.

Here are 4 ways to hide your bangs. Use these tips to make it look like you don’t even have bangs.

pexels-photo-719617Side braid

The side braid offers are romantic and gorgeous twist on a standard braid. It may seem complicated, but it’s actually very easy to recreate.

After braiding your hair, there will be absolutely no pesky strands flying around your face. Not only is it easy to do, it also amps up your look. Plus, it looks good no matter what you wear. Whether you’re going out wearing casual clothes or wearing something fancy, you’ll look absolutely stunning.

Side swept style

If you are in a hurry and you don’t have much time to fix your hair, this will be the perfect hairstyle for you. Not only will it help hide your bangs, it will also add volume to your hair. This is especially beneficial for women thin, fine hair.

To achieve this look, simply flip your hair to the side and then spritz some hairspray to keep your hair in place. If you want a sleek look, we suggest that you apply some gel at the roots before creating a deep side part.


If you want to liven up your hairstyle a little bit, try using some accessories. Aside from keeping your bangs off of your face, accessories can spice up your looks. It is one of the best ways to disguise the awkward phase of fringe regrowth. Barettes, bobby pins, hair clips, and bobby pins are great accessories to keep your bangs in check.

Slick them back

One of the easiest ways to hide your growing bangs is by slicking your hair back. Use some gel or wax to keep your bangs in place. This is also the perfect hairstyle for styling unwashed hair. With a hairstyle as chic and elegant as this, no one can tell that you haven’t washed your hair. Some celebrities have even rocked the wet hair look on the red carpet.

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What to Do When Your Child Hates Getting a Haircut

When the word haircut comes to mind, many of us envision a trip to the salon and then walking out feeling beautiful and confident. For a child, however, a trip to the salon or barber shop isn’t the most thrilling experience. In fact, many of them hate getting a haircut.










Toddlerhood is the most difficult age for a haircut. They get hysterical and won’t sit still on the chair. Some would even throw tantrums.

Here’s what to do when your child hates getting a trim. Follow the tips below for a tantrum-free haircut.

Explain what will happen

Most kids feel anxious because they don’t understand what will happen during a haircut. Before setting an appointment, make sure that you talk to your child and explain to him/her what a hairstylist do. If possible, try to do a role play with your child. Let them sit on a chair and pretend that you’re cutting their hair. This way, the child will feel more at ease once you visit the salon.

Find a distraction

Most salons for children have portable a DVD player that is used to keep kids distracted while getting a haircut. If they don’t have a DVD player, you can let the child use an iPad or a smartphone. Let the child play or watch a movie so they can focus their attention on the screen while a professional cuts his/her hair. Or better yet, bring their favorite toy.

Let the child sleep

Most kids throw a tantrum because they are tired or sleepy. To avoid this from happening, we suggest that you let your little one sleep before you appointment. Or better yet, book an appointment early in the morning, so as to ensure that the kid is in a good mood. Late afternoon is also a good time. Let them take a sleep after lunch and take them for a salon in the afternoon.

Bring extra clothes

A cape is usually used during haircut to prevent hair from getting into the cusotmer’s clothes. However, kids hate wearing them. If your child refuses to wear one, make sure that you bring extra clothes.

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Men’s Guide to Gorgeous, Healthy-Looking Hair

Good grooming goes beyond just looking your best and taking care of your skin. You also need to take steps to ensure that your hair is healthy and gorgeous-looking.

Here are some tips to keep your hair in the best shape and condition possible.

Use a clarifying shampoo

If you are like most men, you probably use hair products such as gel, pomade or wax on daily basis. These products can build up over time, leaving your hair looking dull and lifeless. It can also weigh your hair down.

A clarifying shampoo will remove any product build-up, excess oil and grease, and hard water minerals. Using a clarifying shampoo once or twice a week will give your hair a refresh without over-drying it.

Use less hair products

Hair products such as hair wax and gel will help keep your hair in place throughout the day. However, too much of these products can make your hair look unnatural and heavy.

If you have fine hair and you use gel for styling your hair, use a nickel-size amount and apply it to each quadrant. For men with thick or coarse hair, warm about a silver dollar size between your hands apply it to each quadrant. A dime size of wax or pomade is perfect for shorter hair and curly textures.

Get regular haircut

Getting regular haircuts will not only keep you looking sharp and well-groomed; it also helps prevent split ends. No split ends mean healthier hair. Healthier hair is easier to manage. That means, you won’t have to spend a lot of time styling and managing your hair.

Avoid rubbing your hair after washing

Our hair is weaker and more vulnerable to damage when it is wet. Rubbing your hair with a towel will not only cause damage to your hair, it will also cause frizz. Pat dry your hair gently to avoid breakage and damage.

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Androgynous Hairstyles for Badass Women

Today, the idea of women wearing super short hair is no longer a rarity. In fact, short, androgynous hairstyles exploded into modern fashion. Women are bold enough to chop off their hair and try different hairstyles. After all, life is too short to have boring hair.










Whether you’re a fashion-forward trendsetter or you just prefer a low maintenance hairstyle, this blog is for you. Here are 3 androgynous hairstyles you may want to try this year.

Tousled taper cut

Daring, short haircuts are a great option for individuals with pointy chin and high-set cheekbones. Rather than hiding them behind a cascade of long hair, show off your fab bone structure. This hairstyle will open up your face and show off your features.

With this hairstyle, the back and sides of the head are extremely short, while the hair is longer at the top of the head. This hairstyle is sleek and edgy. Long sections on top give you the ability to style your hair to your liking.


Undercuts have been cropping up more and more on the denizens of Instagram, models, and actresses. There are many variations to the infamous undercut, spanning the range from feminine to drastically edgy. Some would even go bold by turning their undercut into a work of art. What’s great about this hairstyle is that you can hide it when you wear your hair down. You can also show it off with a strategic bun. Either way, the undercut is a great way to express your bold and daring nature. Consider the undercut if you’re looking to change up your hairstyle in a bold way.

Pixie cut

The Pixie is one of the most popular androgynous hairstyles for women all over the world. Such hairstyle has been spotted in celebrities and on different catwalks. Last year, long-haired celebrities like Katie Holmes, Kristen Stewart, and Cara Delevingne rocked the Pixie cut.

This hairstyle is perfect for those who want to be right on trend, without trying too hard. The Pixie has been a popular choice for women who want something edgy, mainly because of its radical length and bravery required to it. After all, it takes some attitude to pull off this look.

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Hot Hairstyles for Men with Thick Hair

According to studies, roughly 50% of men suffer from hair loss. Many of them are looking for ways to achieve a fuller, thicker look. So if you have thick hair, consider yourself lucky.

A thick head of hair can be a blessing. However, most men are having a hard time styling and managing their hair. If you are one of them, then this blog post is for you. Here, we’ll give you some hairstyles suggestions that will work well with thick hair. When done right, you’ll have a flattering hairstyle that looks stylish.

Here are some hot hairstyles for men with thick hair.


The side-part

The side part works best with thicker hair. To achieve this look, top and sides are cut to achieve a short, neat style. To get a defined parting, you need to use products such as clay or wax. Because of its classic look, this hairstyle is ideal for business or office setting, as well as in formal events.

The side-part hairstyle is a versatile hairstyle that was first introduced in the 1920s. After a century, the side-part remains to be a popular hairstyle. You can still see it in thousands and thousands of heads today. In fact, it is considered as one of the easiest, most stylish hairstyle a man can rock.


The pompadour is a classic hairstyle that features short hair on the back and sides with long hair on top. The word pompadour often conjures images of men’s hairstyle with lots of height and shine. This hairstyle was popularized by Elvis Presley. Today, however, it no longer resembles the retro greaser style. Modern men have reinvented the classic pomp with fades, side parts, textures, and even more variations. They have the option to wear the retro styles, modern versions or anything in between.

Textured cut

If you want a carefree hairstyle, opt for a messy, textured haircut. This hairstyle is getting more and more popular nowadays, and for good reasons. It provides a great way to remove bulk from thick hair. Plus, it adds a modern twist to classic hairstyles.

To achieve this look, you should have a bit of length at the top and front to work with. Ask your stylist or barber to use a combination of razor and point cutting work. You also have the option to go shorter at the back and sides to contrast with the thickness.

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Bad Hair Habits You Need to Stop Doing in 2018

sea-woman-legs-waterMost women dream of having smooth, silky locks that float as they walk. As such, many of them would go the extra mile to achieve their goal. They would buy some expensive hair care products, book an appointment with their stylist etc. The problem is that most people develop some habits that can ruin their locks.

Here are 4 bad hair habits you need to stop doing right now.

Frequent use of hot tools

Hot tools such as blow dryer and flat iron can make your hair smoother and more manageable. However, frequent use of such tools can lead to heat damage. It is fine to use heat styling tools, but you shouldn’t use it on a daily basis. On days when you really need to straighten your hair, we recommend using a heat protectant first.

Rubbing your hair with a towel

Most people do this after coming out of the shower. It helps speed get rid of excess moisture and speeds up the drying process. However, you need to remember that our hair is at its weakest when it is wet. Rubbing your hair with a towel can damage your hair. In addition, it may also lead to frizz.

Instead of using a traditional towel, use an old t-shirt or a microfiber towel instead. These things can help get rid of excess moisture without being too rough on your strands.

Brushing hair from roots to ends

Most people brush their hair like this. But since our hair tends to form knots, brushing your hair from roots to ends may damage your hair. In fact, it can weaken and strip away the cuticle, causing breakage. To prevent this from happening, we recommend untangling knots before brushing your hair. Or better yet, start from the roots and then work your way up.

Sporting tight hairdos can lead to traction alopecia. One study even suggests that tight ponytails can trigger a headache. It is fine to pull an Arianna Grande, but don’t wear it every single day. Wear your hair down on some days.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Hair Salon


When you walk into a salon, you are putting your hair in the hands of someone else. You want to make sure that you walk out feeling beautiful and confident. After all, a trip to the salon is more than just getting a haircut or a hair color. It’s about the style and the experience.

Whether you just moved to a new city or you’re unhappy with your current salon, these tips may be of help. Here are some tips for choosing the right hair salon.

Get referrals

Your colleagues and neighbors can be a wealth of information when looking for a good salon. Ask around for recommendations. If you find someone with a hairstyle that is similar to yours or one that you’ve been considering trying, ask which salon they go to. Don’t forget to ask who their stylist is. You want a good hairstylist whom you can trust and can create lovely hairstyles that will suit your personality.

Visit their website and social media accounts

Now that you have narrowed down your list, we recommend that you check their website and social media accounts. This is where they showcase their work. From here, you can gauge whether or not it is the right salon for you.

Don’t forget to check the reviews from previous customers and clients. This will give you an idea whether or not customers were satisfied with their services. Thanks to social media and review sites, finding a good stylist isn’t as challenging as it used to be.

Drop by the salon

The best way to judge whether it is the right salon for you is to drop by their place. Take a mental note on the place. Is it clean and organized? Is the place busy? How do the stylists deal with their clients? Are they warm and accommodating?

Since you are looking for a salon that will cater to your needs and stylists who will work with your long-term, we suggest that you book a consultation with them. Feel free to ask questions. Tell them about your concerns and what you want to do with your hair. You want a stylist who is not just good in doing their job, but someone whom you can feel comfortable working with.

Check the prices

There are lots of salons out there. Many of them take pride in giving you the best services they can provide.

Great hair gives you a boost in confidence and makes you feel great about yourself. However, you also need to take your budget into consideration when choosing a salon. There is no point in finding the best salon in town if you can’t afford their services.

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Winter Hair Care Tips for Healthy Looking Hair

Dry, dull, and brittle hair isn’t just common in summer. Most people experience this during the winter. The cold winter weather, combined with dry indoor air, can wreak havoc on your hair. This will leave you with dry, brittle stands. Without proper care, this may lead to breakage and split ends.

To keep your hair strong and healthy, you need to give your hair proper care and attention. Use these winter hair care tips to keep your locks healthy and beautiful.

pexels-photo-310419Cut down on heat-heavy styling routine

The winter weather is harsh enough for your hair. Regular use of heat styling tools will leave your hair looking dry and dehydrated. Try to cut down your heat-heavy styling routine and air dry your hair instead. Sure, it may take a bit longer to dry your hair completely, but it will prevent your hair from heat damage.

For days when you need to use a hot tool, make sure that you apply a heat protectant first. This will protect your hair from heat damage. Also, invest in a diffuser. This will protect your hair from direct heat and prevent frizz.

Commit to weekly treatments

Blasts of dry air can leave your hair extremely dry. To combat dryness, you need to replenish the lost moisture, which tends to get depleted in winter. In addition to regular conditioners, it is best to do weekly deep conditioning treatments to keep your hair hydrated.

Always read the label when shopping for deep conditioners. Look for products that contain water and aloe vera juice as their prominent ingredient. Argan oil, coconut oil, Behentrimonium Chloride, Pathenol, and Tocopherol are also great ingredients to check on the list.

Turn the hot water down

Nothing is more relaxing than a hot shower on a freezing day. However, washing your hair with hot water can be extremely drying on your hair and scalp. Turn down the heat a little bit. Not only will it prevent your and scalp from being dry and flaky, it will also help reduce your heating cost.


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How to Properly Take Care of Your Hair Extensions

pexels-photo-54566Hair extensions will give you the look and feel of naturally long hair. You can switch from short to long hair in a matter of minutes. They are also ideal for those with fine, thin hair as they create additional volume to your natural hair. Ultimately, you can have great looking hair without having to bother about maintenance.

In order to maximize these benefits, it is important that you know how to take good care of your hair extensions. Follow these tips to make sure that they stay in great shape.


Washing requirements depend on the type of extensions you have. Clip-in extensions are temporary and are removed before going to bed. Since it is removable, you don’t need to wash it frequently. Washing it once a month is enough to keep it clean and in great shape.

Permanent hair extensions, on the other hand, require more frequent washing. Since it is attached to your hair, you need to wash it like you do with your natural hair. Also, dirt, sweat and oil may build up on your hair extensions. Washing it regularly will help keep it clean and fresh. Your stylist will give you recommendations as to which products are best for your extensions.


After washing, the next thing you need to do is to condition it. This will keep the strands soft, smooth, and easy to manage.

Apply the conditioner using a downward motion and try to run a comb through the strands while you’re at it. This will help get rid of tangles. Since you’re washing your hair extensions, and not your natural hair, there is no need to invest on a whole lot of conditioning products. Regular conditioners will do.

Brush it

In order to keep your hair extensions from tangling, you need to brush it regularly. Otherwise, you’ll end up having messy, frizzy hair. Think of it as your natural hair. Brush it using a soft-bristled brush and be gentle when handling your hair extensions. Start from the ends and work your way up. Be careful when removing tangles. Patience and care is the key.

Salon visit

Hair extensions usually stay in place between 6 weeks and 3 months. In order to maintain the quality of your extensions, it is best to visit the salon once a month. During the appointment, your stylist will have to check on the extension to make sure there are no knots. He/she will also give you a trim to give your hair a more cared after look.

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Easy, On-The-Go Hairstyles for Curly-Haired Women

Curly hair is undoubtedly beautiful, but it is also difficult to manage. If you have curly hair, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. It can stick out whimsically or get extremely voluminous. Some would go to great lengths to process and straighten their bodacious manes. But instead of trying to tame those curls, wouldn’t it be better if you focus on enhancing them?

Here are some fun and easy hairstyles for girls with curly hair.

pexels-photo-583576Au Naturel

Curly hair requires some extra attention. But you also need to understand that the less you do to it, the better it looks.

Apply a leave-in conditioner to damp hair to keep it looking soft, fresh, and defined. Avoid touching your hair once it dries as this can lead to frizz. Let your curls work for you instead of trying to fight it.  There is nothing better than just embracing your curly hair.

Volumized curls

Size matters when it comes to your natural hair. To give your hair that extra fullness, spritz some volumizing spray to your hair and then blast it with a diffuser. Once it’s completely dry, flip your hair over and shake it at the roots.


If you have tight, fuzzy curls, and you can’t seem to fix it, try pulling it up into a ponytail. Brush out your locks to enhance the volume and create a fluffy texture. Then, put your hair up into a high, center ponytail. It’s chic, simple, and easy to do.

You may also rub pomade on the sides of your hair to smoothen it. This will give your ponytail a sleeker look.

Fringe and Afro

Having short, curly hair is such a freeing feeling. You use less products and spend less time styling your hair. Not only is it easy to style, it also looks great. This look is ideal for black women who are transitioning from chemical prepared hair to their own natural locks texture, and don’t want to do that big chop. Plus, the fringe will soften the face and draw attention to the eyes.

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